Bike routes

I’ve been riding the bus for close to two years now. There are a lot of great things about the bus, especially since it picks up right behind our house and drops me off a couple blocks from work.

I bought a used road bike this week. My main motivation was to try biking to work. While the bus is easy and convenient, after 2 years of the same thing, I was ready for a change. So on Tuesday I made the trek from Midway in St Paul to downtown Minneapolis by bike. It was refreshing.

Anyway, I’m definitely not quitting the bus cold turkey, but having this other option is great. I’ve only biked in twice so far, and have tried two different routes:

Route 1, total miles: 6.396

Route 2, total miles: 6.256

A good friend at work who also bikes in showed me the gmap pedometer and also made this route for me:

Route 3, total miles: 5.92

I’m definitely going to try this next week (it’s rainy and cold today). It would be sweet to have a repository of routes around the twin cities. Not sure if you can do this through the gmap pedometer site, but it doesn’t look like it.

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