I’ve been spending a lot of time over the last couple months working on Brew52.com. Brew52 is the first online beer-tasting festival, and participants are sampling and reviewing a different Minnesota brew each week for the entire year.

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At it’s core, Brew52 is a celebration of Minnesota beer. Anyone can join in on the fun, just use the form on my contact page or send an email to rett at brew52.com to let me know you’re interested. One of the great things about Brew52 (aside from drinking beer) is that people are encouraged to discuss and rate beers however they feel comfortable and that is making for some very entertaining reviews.

Week 1: Schell SnowstormDuring the first week Brew52 participants sampled Schell Snowstorm. Snowstorm is a seasonal beer by August Schell Brewing and interestingly, no two years are alike. This year Snowstorm was inspired by the Monastic beers of Belgium, and participant Jason DeRusha seemed to speak for many when he said “It’s slightly sweet, and kinda darkish, and I think it’s not bad. It’s like seeing a nice snowstorm, but then it turns rainy, and in the end, it’s a little gross but a little okay.” Read his full review here.

Week 2: Gluek Honey BockThe second official Brew52 beer was Gluek Honey Bock, which received some pretty harsh reviews until participant Barrett Chase reminded us that, “This beer was never intended to be sipped, sampled, savored, or paired with any kind of food unless the food came from a gas station. This beer is made for drinking, preferably in large quantities, and not from a glass, either.” Read his full review here.

Since then we’ve sampled Flat Earth Belgian Pale Ale, Surly Furious, and are currently reviewing Summit Winter Ale for week 5. Then for week 6 we will be holding our first official meet-up at The Herkimer to sample their Alt Bier and hang out. Check out the Facebook Group if you want to learn more about this event and future meet-ups.

I also want to take a minute to thank everyone who is participating, supporting, or has helped spread the word. I have to admit that I was totally overwhelmed at the response. In just the first couple of weeks there were over 80 registered users and we’re currently at 120! It’s been a learning experience for me as I’ve contacted local breweries and liquor stores to ask for their support. Special thanks to the following:

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