Change is in the wind

I started a new job on Monday as an interactive art director at Clockwork. It was definitely tough to leave Capella, but I’m really excited about the new digs. It’s a great work environment, located in a converted warehouse in northeast Minneapolis, and the team is awesome.

Right now it’s about the same distance as it was to go to Capella so the bike ride is still a bit long, but soon enough Rebekah and I will be in our new place which is a mile from Clockwork. So yes, I’m bragging, I timed it and it takes 5 minutes by bike. On a related note, we’re selling my old 95 dodge neon which has almost 100,000 miles. Hoping to get around a thousand bucks for it so if you’re interested let me know.

Here’s a somewhat related comment. In the last month or so I’ve emailed back and forth with quite a few people that I thought I might never hear from again. Some friends from study abroad as well as some good buddies from growing up in Baltimore. So while it’s always good to focus on what’s ahead and not dwell on the past, it’s really nice to know that I’m still connected to these friends. I think I have the internet to thank for that. Oh and one person to call out is my friend Greg C who recently sent some pictures of his new baby girl, congrats man!


  1. congrats on the new job man. good luck!

    - Andrew (Jul 2, 2007)

  2. NICE. Congrats Rett! On a side note we’re having a HH NEXT Thurs (the 26th) at Town Hall at 5 pm-ish. I’m going to go send you a note now about it.

    - Lexi (Jul 17, 2007)

  3. Thanks guys! Lexi, sounds awesome…I think I can make it, I’ll email you.

    - Rett (Jul 22, 2007)

  4. Hey, just came across your site again. Kudos on the new job. Just wondering, did you ever sell your house? Ours is finally under contract and we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

    - John Boyd (Aug 4, 2007)

  5. John – we ended up renting it out, found some great tenants that we feel really good about. God luck with yours!

    - Rett (Aug 7, 2007)

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