Ok, I haven’t thought much about this, and I definitely haven’t looked around to see what’s already out there, but I wanted to jot this down before I forget about it. We recently had our second story floors redone and in the process had to move everything out and back in. We ended up rearranging our computer room, but I wasn’t able to better organize the mess of cords that 2 computers, sets of speakers, printers, cable modem + router, lamps, and other miscellaneous electronics require. I don’t know what form it should take, but I have a few goals for the “Cordinizer:”

1. Get cords up off of floor so that you can vacuum or swiffer below.
2. Get cords mostly out of site, but still accessible.
3. Lists are usually better with at least three items, but I can’t think of anything to fill it.

One quick thought is that you might need to devote a small drawer in your computer desk, or at least build something into the bottom frame. I’ll keep thinking about this one.

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  1. this is what I’m talkin about:

    - rett (Apr 18, 2006)

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