Sharing Family Recipe

Rebekah and I are here in Norwich, CT with my folks and siblings for Thanksgiving. All of the kids have something that they make each year, mine being pear honey (a sweet jelly-like topping for bread). Even though I’ve made pear honey every year for as long as I can remember, I still had to ask my Dad how to make it. Of course I know the basic ingredients but I rely on my Dad to show me how much of each to put in. It’s one of those family recipes where there isn’t a measured amount, instead you just put in some and then add until it tastes right.

It occured to me this year that I should probably know how to make this on my own so I made a point to remember the process. There are a bunch of other family recipes I’d like to be able to make, too many to remember. Traditionally someone in the family has to copy down all of the recipes and send them to each child, but for myself anyways, it would be easier to have one central place online where everyone could access them. There are loads of recipe sites, but what I’m thinking of is a recipe-sharing site where you can group recipes by family and set up permissions so that they can be as private or as public as you want. I’m sure that there are existing applications that could be repurposed to serve as a recipe-sharing site, I just need to take the time to find one.


  1. dude, thats crazy, I was thinking of doing the same thing for recipes, kind of a flickr style site where people can tag the recipes and then you can search based on the tags.

    - ben (Nov 27, 2005)

  2. should we do it together (you know what I’m talking about 😉

    You know how most new flickr-esque sites right now have a really shiny polished web-nerdy look? I think it would be sweet to go the opposite direction with the design of this site and make it look like a grandmother’s kitchen, decked out with floral patterns and stitched “Home Sweet Home” type. What do you think?

    - Administrator (Dec 1, 2005)

  3. Dude,
    What a great family you must have,
    Rett’s Dad

    - craig (Dec 3, 2005)

  4. dude I know!

    - rett (Dec 4, 2005)

  5. rett, we should do it together, i think it would be a pretty cool website, I’m always looking for new recipes, but theres no decent way to search for exactly what I want.

    - ben (Dec 4, 2005)

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