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While I read and enjoy quite a few blogs that are mainly an aggregation of links, I tend to think that I can offer more value by covering one subject in depth. I’m not positive, but I would bet that somewhere there is talk of these two different blog models (or what I call the article vs aggregation debate). Anyway, I don’t feel like writing an article tonight but I had a few links I wanted to share.

  1. For my web nerd friends I pass on this news: Email design takes a sharp blow from Outlook 2007. If you’re too lazy to click, it talks about how Outlook 2007 will use Microsoft Word as it’s HTML rendering engine instead of Internet Explorer as it has in the past. Among other things this means:
    • no support for background images (HTML or CSS)
    • no support for Flash, or other plugins
    • no support for CSS floats
    • no support for CSS positioning
  2. For my beer-drinking friends you might be interested to hear about “Brand a Brew.” It’s too late to get involved but any time beer and design cross paths it’s bound to produce something amazing, so be sure to check back for the submissions. Oh and I couldn’t agree more with this statement that Luke makes:

    “I’ve had a lot of people respond with ‘I can’t design’ – and to that I say ‘nay’ – everyone can design.”

  3. For my sports fans* I offer Drew Bledsoe’s blog which makes me laugh and I didn’t even know who Tony Romo and Drew Bledsoe were. The blog is officially over, but it seems the author also writes at StraightCashHomey.net.
  4. For my youtube-addicted friends I want you to watch Charlie the Unicorn. My inlaws were here for the weekend and my brother in law (who turns 12 soon) shared this with us. It made me laugh really hard. Thanks Jordan.
  5. Finally, shoutouts to two friends. Double, congrats on getting engaged! Caleb, thanks for the belated Christmas present and never stop drawing on your packages.

*I’m not a sports star, so I don’t mean my fans, but rather my friends that enjoy sports

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