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A while back I was working on a genealogy site (using a product called PHPGedView). I had a family tree that I had created back in middle school, along with quite a few documents my Grandma sent me. It was pretty interesting sifting through the information and learning about my ancestors. Then one day there was a message on my index.php page informing me that my site had been haXored, along with a picture of the linux penguin (thanks for the heads up Ben).

I eventually realized that I had left some of the configuration files for my genealogy site with full write access. In a fit of rage I deleted the whole directory. I haven’t looked, but I fear that I never backed up the database and all of my work is lost forever. Oh well, I don’t think my ancestors are too upset.

Anyway, the point is that it was really interesting to stumble across documents about my ancestors, which has recently gotten me to thinking: what is it going to be like in 50 or 60 years when the blogger generation is back in diapers? I have to guess that some form of Internet archive will still be around then. So even if the domains and blogs are long abandoned, the information will still be accessible. On a side note, the current internet archive does a decent job, but like my friend Andy pointed out, with the way google is caching pages it can only get better.

So if your grandparents or your grandparents’ grandparents had blogs that you could read online, would you?

P.S. I made my first site in 2001 with geocities, here’s a link from the internet archive, too bad the images aren’t currently showing up.


  1. I was thinking a similar thought yesterday. A coworker’s wife is pregnant with a boy and yesterday my coworker posted on his blog that he was kind of sad that it was a boy, cause they already have a son and he wanted a daughter. I think his new son is going to read that someday and be pissed off!

    - ben (Aug 17, 2006)

  2. Totally! There are going to be so many things that would normally have never been recorded. Makes me think of Heather Armstrong and what here daughter is going to make of all the posts about her.

    - rett (Aug 18, 2006)

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