Halloween and Homebrew

It’s probably a little late to post about Halloween, in internet time a week ago is like so old news, but I’ve got a good set of photos related to Halloween and homebrew that I’d like to share.

pumpkin brew Beer in a pumpkin
I was talking with my good buddy Dan “Utah” Lallensack tonight and he mentioned that he’d read about a guy who had brewed beer in a pumpkin. After we got off the phone he sent me the link to this guy’s flickr set showing the process. I’m impressed. My favorite quote from his comments:

“I’ve got to say that it’s renegade daredevils like you who are the reason beer was invented in the first place.” – ben effin smart

musty nut brown ale homebrew Musty Nut Brown Ale
The first official Clockwork homebrew was a success. It was a nutty brown ale that I dubbed the ‘Musty Nut’ Brown Ale. I didn’t have a chance to make labels but I did sketch out a rough logo on a post it note that I stuck in the fridge at work along with the bottles. Photo courtesy of Sharyn.

Rett Martin dressed up as Dude Weather Me as Dude Weather
Finally, here’s a photo of me dressed up as Dude Weather for Halloween at work. If you haven’t seen Dude Weather yet, I strongly suggest watching the entire series. It’s brilliant. And I’ve really been enjoying the site it’s on as well: Daily Mole.

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