Handy Dad Contracting

Seems like everyone I know who’s married with a house has a father or father-in-law that has helped with some sort of home remodel. My friend Jason’s girlfriend’s dad helped them with their kitchen last year and is working on a deck this summer. Another couple friend, Ben and Erin, both have handy dads that have helped them with miscellaneous projects in their house.

My father-in-law is no exception. He built their last house in its entirety and is currently gutting my sister-in-law’s old house. That’s actually what Rebekah and I were doing this last weekend. I went to town on a chimney with a sledgehammer and crowbar and helped remove a heater and fuel barrel from the basement. This is all stuff I never would have known how to do, but am totally capable of with the right direction/supervision.

But what about all of the bastards and childless handy dads? This is where Handy Dad Contracting comes in. It would be a small contracting company where every employee is a Handy Dad (40-65 years old with sufficient knowledge in all things building related). Each Handy Dad would contract out their services to one family and would rely on that family instead of bringing in a team of other workers. This model would be cheaper for Handy Dad Contracting as well as the family, while the Handy Dad would still be paid competitive wages.

The process of working with a Handy Dad would also be a bit different than your typical contractor. Once a Handy Dad was hired, he would come over to your house, survey the work, drink a beer, and go to bed in your guest room. The next day you would awake to the sound of loud banging and find out that in addition to knocking out the wall you had talked about the night before, he had already gutted the bathroom. Over the next few weeks, your Handy Dad would continue to work during the day hours and you would help during the evening, eventually finishing your project.

Also for a small extra charge you can hire a Handy Grandad, who will also drink beer, but instead of working will just watch from a distance (couch if inside, lawn chair if outside).

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  1. Hey man, don’t forget grandad’s level….

    - donata (Jul 21, 2006)

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