I just want to rub it in

I’ve heard more than a few people say that now is a bad time to sell a house. Not only is the market not doing good, but it’s winter and no one wants to move in the winter. The thing is, we’re doing it anyway.

We love our house, but it’s only ever going to have one bathroom and .09 acres of land. So we started by casually browsing around the various local real estate sites (cbburnet and edinarealty, which are both pretty crappy but for some reason we always end up there) looking at houses for fun online. Then we found a few that seemed worth a drive by and eventually an open house visit. We finally contacted our real estate agent to look at some more houses, and after seeing two that we loved we decided to just go for it.

Today our house is officially on the market.

We’ve done so much work to get it ready and I can’t tell you how weird it is to live in a house this empty and impersonal. Needless to say, I really hope that it sells, and sells quick. Although I have to admit that I really want it to sell just to rub it in the face of all the naysayers. Note to self: If house doesn’t sell, delete this post.

Oh and one side comment, the best laugh I had today was when Rebekah and I were on the phone talking as we looked through the virtual tour of our home. When we got to the shot of the basement we saw our dog Dugan staring back at us from his crate in the corner. Awesome, Dugan is a star.


  1. look man I am sorry for saying the market is bad. I hope your house sells fast, but I was just repeating what all the financial people are saying. I think that it just takes longer for houses to sell these days where as before you would put it on the market and it would be gone lickety split. Good luck on the house buddy.

    - Andrew (Jan 4, 2007)

  2. no hard feelings man, I definitely wasn’t thinking of you when I wrote this post, in fact I appreciated our conversation about selling my house. That was before we had made a decision. But now we have made a decision, and what I’m reacting to more is the un-asked-for advice after the fact.

    I totally understand the current market conditions, our realtor has told us that on average his homes are taking 4-6 months to sell. I’m obviously hoping that ours is an exception to this rule, but I won’t be surprised if it isn’t. Anyway, just wanted to make sure you knew this wasn’t a dig at you.

    - Rett (Jan 4, 2007)

  3. Why do all Real Estate website look like complete ass! Serious, all of them.

    - Rich (Jan 4, 2007)

  4. I think you should be Dugan in your virtual tour, with a face like that your house will sell!

    - Marni Sampair (Jan 6, 2007)

  5. I wish you two well on your home buying and selling adventures. I know it can sometimes be quite stressful. My question is, though, what are you guys going to do with the gimp locked up in your basement when people want to tour your house?

    - Russ (Jan 9, 2007)

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