Jobs I've had: Hardee's

One night Rebekah and I were talking about jobs and we decided to go through all of the jobs we’ve ever had. It was pretty funny thinking back to the things that we’ve put up with, and for minimum wage too. So this is the first in a series of posts where I’m going to go through the list (in chronological order).

My first job: Hardee’s
starting minimum wage was $4.25

When I was 15 I got my first real gig at a Hardee’s. I started with three other friends and I can still remember the cheesy training video we each had to watch (seperately of course because otherwise we might talk). They sent each of us down to the creepy dark part of the basement where there was one wooden chair and a tiny 13″ tv/vcr combo. We were then left alone to play the video…I remember talking later and I was the only one that didn’t fast forward through at least part of it. Anyway, here are a few highlights from my time at Hardee’s:

  • Waking up at 4 am and having my Dad drive me into work so I could start baking cinnamon raisin biscuits at 5 (Thanks Dad). For the record, I will not do this for my son.
  • Trying to catch the salt shaker as it was falling into a vat of boiling grease with submerged french fries. Before I could realize what I was doing I had dipped three of my fingers over half way in. I’ve nver had a worse burn. My supervisor told me to put my hand in an X-large soda cup with ice water and then get back to work.
  • During one of the busiest lunch rushes someone ordered a strawberry shake. The machine was empty so I quick ran downstairs, got a new bag of mix, and attempted to replace it. Being my first time doing this and pretty flustered, I must not have connected it right. When I pulled the lever a gallon of strawberry liquid exploded covering me and everything else in a 4 foot radius. That sucked pretty bad.

Hopefully I can dig up a picture of me with my Hardee’s uniform on it (my Grandparents asked for one, and then just a couple years ago they sent it back to me in a birthday card). Stay tuned for next time when I talk about being a Wal-Mart employee! (fake enthusiasm)


  1. Brings back memories. I was a McDonalds chicken/fish bin guy one summer. Manager got busted for sexual harassment of a customer during my shift one night. Awesome fireworks!

    - Jason Falls (Feb 1, 2007)

  2. I feel ya, Rett. I’ve had my share of shoddy jobs. As you’re fully aware, I worked one summer in high school for under minimum wage…I slaved in Ted Freidrich’s sweaty garage right next to Becky. All I can say is that you married a good woman, since she made it through those many hours boxing staples. By the way, should I be calling Becky, ‘Rebekah’? Is it like when I changed from Rusty to Russ in the seventh grade? Anyway, I’ll never forget when she fed Sammy the dog that slice of pizza….

    - Russ (Feb 5, 2007)

  3. Wow, I had almost forgotten about the fryer incident!

    - Jamie (Jun 6, 2007)

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