Job's I've had: WalMart

After working at Hardee’s for about a year and a half, I remember having a very serious conversation with my parents about wanting to quit. They were supportive, but told me that I couldn’t just stop going, I’d have to write a resignation letter and put in two weeks. I spent a considerable amount of time writing my first resignation letter and remember being quite diplomatic. In fact, I even offered a legitimate reason for quiting: they had failed to follow through with a promised raise (probably to something like $5.00/hour), and I knew I could make quite a bit more working as a telemarketer at a new place called Telnet. Well Telnet didn’t work out (on my first day of orientation it dawned on me that the reason they pay more is because telemarketing sucks more), so I ended up landing a job as a cashier at WalMart.

My second job: WalMart
starting wage somewhere around $5.50

Working as a cashier sucks pretty bad, just think of dirty fingers from touching dusty boxes, disputes over an item’s already ridiculously low cost, and being an awkward teenage boy handling some woman’s WalMart lingerie. But, in comparison to dealing with fast food or calling and making people angry it is definitely less sucky. So with that positive attitude I quickly climbed the corporate latter and was soon promoted to work in the foods department, and eventually into the coveted electronics department. I’ve got quite a few stories from these various positions, but this one is definitely the best:

One time while I was attempting to scan one of a thousand items waiting on my conveyor belt I noticed that the tag was missing. I tried paging the appropriate department to bring up another one, but every employee had already been called to the registers. So I took off running through the store to get one myself. As I was passing through the food aisle I heard a woman scream “Sir! Excuse me! I need help!” I stopped, backpedeled, and turned into the aisle to see a woman nealing over her son who had just blown chunks all over the floor. She said “My son threw up.” and then walked away leaving me with the mess, which upon closer inspection was large unchewed pieces of what must have been 50 hot dogs. Visions of lawsuits over someone slipping and falling kept me from pretending I hadn’t seen it, so I spent the next 10 minutes cleaneing up every last chunk all while a line of people waited at my register.

In my next job installment I’ll talk about a summer job working for a concession stand and then my first college job.


  1. […] Hopefully I can dig up a picture of me with my Hardee’s uniform on it (my Grandparents asked for one, and then just a couple years ago they sent it back to me in a birthday card). Stay tuned for next time when I talk about being a Wal-Mart employee! (fake enthusiasm) […]

    - rettmartin.com » Blog Archive » Jobs I’ve had: Hardee’s (Apr 3, 2007)

  2. Yecccch. But just think – you may have saved someone’s life who would have otherwise slipped on a hot dog bit and had a most ignominious death. Or something.

    - Hulles (Apr 3, 2007)

  3. Ah Walmart. My wife is a manager at a Yalmart TLE. She’s worked there for almost 12 years. I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate Walmart. Then again, they’ve helped pay the bills and they’re a great source of entertainment.

    - John Boyd (May 15, 2007)

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