Marcy Holmes Brew

Mr. Lallensack is in town this weekend despite the fact that he missed the registration for the half triathlon he was planning on participating in. So what do two old college buddies do on a rainy day? Why brew beer of course. Dan is a homebrew god, having risen the ranks from amateur user of kits to creating his own variations by mashing his own grain into custom extracts. Now that’s hardcore.

So we are currently working on a Summer Weizen, recipe courtesy of The Beer Recipator. We bought the ingredients at Northern Brewery in St Paul and Dan was blown away by all of the grains and ingredients they offer…obviously far superior to the offerings of Wisconsin.

Last time I brewed beer was right after I got the kit for Christmas 2005 I brewed a nutty brown ale, here’s a picture of us enjoying the end result, or check out this picture from the beard contest where I’m showing off me bottles.

One thing I’m enjoying much more about this round of homebrew is the company…Dan has been filling me in on several rules of the trade, mainly that while home brewing you must:

  1. also drink beer
  2. listen to music, Dan suggested Justin Timberlake
  3. surf the internet or play games…obviously I’m choosing internet
  4. and hold the muslin bag of grain up to your tongue like it’s a sac

All of these things make the process much more enjoyable.

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