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I had a meeting today with a financial advisor. Rebekah couldn’t make it, so when she gets home tonight I need to go over with her what we discussed. I was thinking about how most likely tonight we’ll eat dinner, take care of the animals, watch some tv and then it will be time for bed. All of the sudden I thought, “I should really throw a meeting on our Outlook calendars for a half-hour to discuss the financials.” Then I spent the next few minutes brainstorming about what family life might be like if Microsoft Outlook was used to plan and schedule all sorts of daily activities.

Imagine a mother sending out a meeting request to her children to help prepare Thursday’s dinner, of course she’d have to reserve the kitchen as well to make sure there aren’t any conflicts. There would also be recurring meetings for activities such as making the bed and cleaning the room. Fights over what television show to watch would become a thing of the past, unless somehow the tv room got double booked. Most likely the childrens’ days would be so full of meetings that they would have to carry around blackberry’s in order to keep track of what they needed to be doing at any moment in time.


  1. This sounds like a horrible nightmare.

    I remember in a previously stretched state I once told a friend, “Let’s set up a time for me to stop by.” He replied jokingly, “Hold on, let me check my outlook calendar for any conflicts.”

    I really wasn’t referring to outlook, but so used to running around to meetings and working late that everything I said took on a formality that is lacking in casual get-togethers. I guess we are all using technologies like cellphones and computers to coordinate with each other even for the most informal gatherings, but our use of these technologies depends upon the formality of the situation.

    In some cultures, however, people are more flexible with each other in more formal situations. In such a culture, for instance, if an elder was to visit a family’s home, they would not specify the time when they might arrive. However, people with less prominence in society would be expected to specify a time and be on time during a similar visit.

    So maybe our families could use outlook and at work, we can just say, “we can have a meeting when we feel like it.” 🙂

    - alazanto (Nov 30, 2005)

  2. what do you think would happen to a kid who grew up with Outlook Calendar-obsessed parents would when he got to college, or even when it came time to find a full time job?

    - rett (Dec 1, 2005)

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