Midway to Minneapolis

I posted something a while back about biking to work and the different routes I’ve taken. Last week I finally got my motorcycle running (and by that I mean I took it to the shop) and have been riding that to work. It’s really fun, but there are some things I miss about bicycling. And for that matter, there are some things I miss about riding the bus. There’s not really anything I miss about driving the car to work though. Anyway, I am thinking it would be a great side project (I always need more of those) to create a microsite comparing the different ways to get to work. Some of the most important factors are time, money, stress level/enjoyment, safety, and freedom while downtown. I could also incorporate the best routes to take for each mode of transportation. It could definitely turn into a good resource for anyone looking to get from Saint Paul to Minneapolis.


  1. so did you see that they approved the light rail connecting downtown st paul to downtown mpls via university?

    check it out

    - ben (Jul 10, 2006)

  2. I can almost hear you saying, “and by that I mean I took it to the shop” I miss that element of your humor.

    - alznto (Sep 10, 2006)

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