Options for Thanksgiving Travel

Rebekah and I spent about an hour last night looking for flights out to Connecticut to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. Last year I think we paid around $330 per ticket which seemed expensive. Last night we were getting excited any time we saw a flight for less than $500. Here is the list that we compiled to examine our options in order from most expensive/most convenient to least expensive/least convenient:

Leave Wednesday come back Sunday – $516/person = $1032
Leave Wednesday come back Monday – $455/person = $910
Leave Wednesday come back Wednesday – $361/person = $722

1,319 miles each way, averaging 28 mpg at $3/gallon would cost us a total of $282. It would also take about 20 hours each way.

So the verdict is in, we’re roadtrippin it unless we can find a cheap flight last minute. Take that stupid airlines! The other interesting option we now have is the ability to bring Dugan along…hmmm, gotta think about that one a bit more.

P.S. I found’s search 3 days before and after option (pictured below) to be extremely helpful in examining flight prices. price comparison


  1. Sounds super fun!! Ben and I did that when we went to Atlanta a couple years ago to visit his grandparents. It was probably the best weekend of our lives.

    - Erin (Sep 27, 2007)

  2. you do know that when using those bloody travel engines that you need to clear your cookies – otherwise they may not show you lower prices later, even if they exist… try it – let me know if it helps.

    - Dave B. (Sep 27, 2007)

  3. Thanks for the encouraging response Erin (I hope you’re not being sarcastic!)

    Dave, you know I had never thought of that, but now that you mention it, it makes total sense. At this point unless we find a great deal Rebekah and I are pretty set on the roadtrip.

    - Rett (Sep 30, 2007)

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