I think the biggest pain about ordering something online is receiving the package. Most items I order come in medium-sized packages and require a signature. That would be no problem if my wife stayed at home all day or my work allowed personal delivery. Usually what happens is middle of the week I get a pink slip, then I have to either run to the post office in the morning time or wait until the weekend.

Last week I was really excited to get my new monitor, so after considerable debate I decided to leave a note on the front door that said, “Please leave package in back. Thanks, Craig.” I was gambling that some dude eating White Castle wouldn’t walk by, see the note, then walk around back and take my monitor. I gambled and won!

Rebekah and I were talking the other night about a packagebox, similar to a mailbox. The idea is that you have this secure container that the USPS and UPS have keys to somewhere on the outside of your house. Maybe it’s a little more discreet than a mailbox, on the side or behind your house, just so that it doesn’t attract any unnecessary attention. Either just by having this, or by stating at the time of order, you are giving your permission, or signature, to leave the package there. Sure someone might be able to crack the key, but at least it would be safer than just leaving it in your backyard.


  1. I think that’s a good idea. You could leave a lock on the box and make them lock it when they leave the package. When I get things at my apartment, they sit on the floor in clear view. One of these days a package will be taken, probably by terrorists. This idea wouldn’t work for something like a Select Comfort bed, but only snoody rich people buy those. I have an even better solution for you…if it’s the case that both of you have to work so no one can stay home to pick up packages, then you should just quit your current job and become a UPS delivery guy.

    - Russ (Feb 3, 2006)

  2. You’re right about the snoody rich terrorists who buy select comfort beds.

    - rett (Feb 6, 2006)

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