Personalized Rating for Restaurants

One of my favorite things about having this great resource we call the Internet, is ratings and user reviews. Before I watch a movie, I’ll usually check out the user rating at IMDB or Netflix. If I’m looking for a new place to grab a drink after work I’ll mosey on over to Mpls Happy Hour. Amazon for books, PCMagazine for most techy stuff, and the list goes on.

I don’t have a site that I go to to check out restaurants though, and that’s mainly because I never trust the ratings they get. CityPages is probably the closest, but even so I have a hard time sifting through there reviews and finding one that seems like a good fit. I think the issue here is that whether or not you like a restaurant totally depends on your own tastes and what’s important to you. CityPages and most other restaurant review sites I imagine allow you to sort through the list by selecting your price range, type of cuisine, location, and so on. In reality, you’re going to like a restaurant based on a combination of all of these things, mixed with the experience itself. So here’s what I’m thinking (and as always this may and probably does already exist): A site where you create a profile and take a short survey where you select which of these things you like and how important they are. It would ask questions like the following, each with multiple choice answers:

How much do you typically like to spend on a meal?
How much food do you like to eat?
Which is more important, spending less money or getting a bigger meal?

After it was all said and done, you would get personalized ratings on each restaurant based on your tastes. By the way, if you like getting a big plate of food with a lot of flavor, don’t go to the Barbary Fig in Saint Paul. Rebekah and I ate there last night and were a bit disappointed.

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