Photoshop wishes

I’ve been spending even more time in PhotoShop since the job switch and there are two features I thought of today that would really be helpful:

  1. Diagonal Guides – currently you can only drag guides along the x or y access. I’m not sure exactly how you would do diagonal guides, but they’d definitely help when trying to create something with perspective.
  2. Search filter – my files end up have hundreds of different layers, and if I’m working fast I don’t organize them but I might now the name of the layer. So if I could just type a search, similar to how you do in apple mail or itunes and it would show only the matching layers that would save me a lot of time.


  1. I think these are useful suggestions. I usually just rotate my canvas 45 degrees to achieve a “diagonal guide” but it is a huge pain. I’m sure you can just call Adobe up and have them create a “Rett Patch” for these fixes.


    - Josh (Aug 7, 2007)

  2. Most definitely, in addition to diagonal guides off of rules it would be nice to be able to drag a point of perspective across a horizontal guide, and create perspective guidelines on the fly rather than calculating each one out manually.

    - Kyle Meyer (Aug 14, 2007)

  3. Josh I’m two steps ahead my friends at Adobe are already working on the third version of the Rett patch, the problem with the first two is that every computer they installed it on exploded into flames.

    Kyle…hell yeah!

    - Rett (Aug 18, 2007)

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