I’m by no means a fashion expert, but I do know that pleated pants pretty much suck. It wasn’t all that long ago that several pairs of my dress pants were pleated, so I don’t want to sound like a snob here. And really I don’t judge anyone for wearing pleated pants (well maybe just a little) especially considering the fact that they’re sold all over the place.

I should also mention that there are obviously circumstances when pleated pants are ok, or unavoidable. For example, most suits and tuxes come with pleated pants. And I’m sure some people can pull them off, and at some point they’ll be cool in a weird retro way, but for now, they’re not cool, and a general rule of thumb is to avoid them if possible.

In an effort to spread the word, I purchased the domain name PleaseNoPleats.com. For now it’s just a placeholder image, but what I’m envisioning is a page that briefly explains that pleated pants suck, and allows the visitor to forward the url onto a friend or family member who wears pleated pants. Here’s a screenshot


If you have any ideas on how this site could be cooler, or if you want to argue that pleated pants are cool, then please comment away. But if it’s the latter then I expect to see a photo of you (or someone) in pleated pants, looking cool.


  1. I never really thought about the difference between pleated and unpleated pants until a couple of years ago. I have a bunch of pleated pants that were given to me but I don’t purchase pleated pants. I still wear the pleated one’s once in a while, sometimes without even noticing. What is the penalty for this oh wise metrosexual. P.S. I happen to look awesome in pleated pants, your results may vary.

    - Josh (Nov 1, 2007)

  2. Josh, for a married man like you and I the penalty for pleated pants is really not much. Although there have been reports of divorces stemming from something even less offensive like blue socks and black pants. That gives me an idea, is bluesocksblackpants.com taken? 🙂

    - Rett (Nov 4, 2007)

  3. The penalty for pleated pants is a bunched pelvic area, the tendency to wear your phone on your belt and wear white socks with gargantuan Doc Martins that show themselves under the tapered strength of the pleat.

    - Rich (Nov 16, 2007)

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