Plumbing, Medicine, Cookies, Thank You's

A few random thoughts and learnings from the past several days:

  1. There is a filter at the tip of your faucet that can become easily clogged after working on your sink, stopping almost all water flow. When I was replacing the tile in our bathroom this weekend I had to remove the sink. When I connected it back up to the water supply and turned it on a bunch of rusty sediment came out of the faucet right away. Then it slowly turned to a small trickle of water and eventually nothing would come out. I spent about 20 minutes disconnecting, reconnecting, tightening, and untightening the pipes. Finally I called my father in law. He immediately suggested I check the filter, sure enough it had just gotten clogged with sediment. I could have easily spent another frustrating hour or two messing around before giving up and telling Rebekah that we have to brush our teeth with toilet water because the sink no longer works.
  2. Another bathroom related tip, something that most handy men know but hey I’m talking to you computer nerd, is that the wax ring that goes between your toilet and the sewer pipe is supposed to get all smashed up. That’s how it forms the seal. When I removed the toilet I took one look at the waxy mess and thought, “sick, this thing really needed to be replaced.” But after cleaning everything up (which is pretty nasty, all the while telling yourself it’s just wax, but knowing that mixed in there somewhere is some human excrament) and putting the new wax ring on, I could tell that it got all squished again. I verified this with a few people, this is what’s supposed to happen. Oh, here’s a picture of the bathroom all finished.
  3. $170 does not buy you all that much medicine. Rebekah had a little more than this saved up in her flex spending account from work and was going to lose it all if we didn’t use it before the end of the month. So after having dinner and a few drinks at the Muddy Pig on friday night we went to CVS and grabbed a basket. We then proceeded to walk down each isle and pick out all sorts of cold and cough medicines, nasal sprays, airborne, advil, cortizone, etc until we thought we had enough. At anywhere from $3 – $10 a piece we probably only got 20 different items and our grand total was just under $170. Think of all the things you could get with that much money. Instead we now have a drawer in the spare bedroom (it wouldn’t fit in our bathroom closet) full of medicine.
  4. For the last few nights Rebekah and I have been baking some chocolate chip cookies, the kind that come in a premixed in brick format. The trick is to make only as many as you need. We’ve found that making four is perfect, sure it’s probably innefficient to heat up the stove for this many, but it saves you from stuffing your face and leaves you wanting more the next night.
  5. This should be obvious to everyone, but I’m going to say it anyway: after an interview, send a thank you card to everyone you interviewed with, if you want the job that is. I always thought that this was a no-brainer, but somehow designers are graduating without getting this crucial piece of advice. Oh, and this might just be me, but I expect a designer to have a thank you card that he/she designed.

That’s all for now, in case I don’t post for another week, Merry Christmas.


  1. Dude … wife has been throwing the cookies in our toaster oven for years. Works great, saves a little energy, cookies come out more doughy … mmmmm!

    - Jason Falls (Dec 27, 2006)

  2. I’ve been looking for an excuse to use the toaster oven we picked up at a yard sale last year. Maybe I should clean it first. Either way, great idea, thanks Jason.

    - Rett (Dec 27, 2006)

  3. My friend Mark did the same thing with the $$ in his flex spending account, going to Walgreens and getting just tons of stuff (the most notable being Nicorrette gum (sp?)), but I’m pretty sure he returned it all for cash. I’ll have to check on that. I know he checked with the store clerks on what the return policy was before he bought everything.

    - mark sier (Feb 1, 2007)

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