Rate the Day

Some days are just better than others. Yeah there are a lot of different things that can change a normal day into a good day, the weather or fun plans to look forward to, but some days are just better for no particular reason. What I would like to do, is see if there are certain days that most people agree are better than others.

– here’s where you can go and rate a day on a 1-5 scale. It could probably be even simpler, either the day is good or it isn’t. If you think about it, people are probably only going to rate a day if it’s great or if it sucks.

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  1. I’d give every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday a five no matter what. Monday-Wednesday I’d give ones to. Thursday can have a three. Therefore, if you average them all out, you’d get a three overall…which is completely average in every way.

    - Russ (Jan 24, 2006)

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