Somehow I made it to this week without ever hearing about Sealand. I don’t remember how it came up, but the other day at work Andy said something to the effect of “which internet company was it that is looking to buy Sealand?” I said I didn’t know, and then it took a couple seconds of brain processing before I asked “What the hell is Sealand?”

Andy spent the next five minutes giving me the lowdown on this former British WWII installation. He hit all of the highlights: dude sails to island, claims it as his own, brings his family there, dubs himself the prince of sealand, fights off the British army, and finally wins a court battle as Sealand is out of British jurisdiction. It was a brain overload, and I had to learn more, so I went to wikipedia.

Turns out what Andy told me is all true and as I read on it just got better. Here are just a few interesting things about Sealand:

  • Sealand (HM Fort Roughs to the British) was not the first installation that Prince Roy Bates claimed. In fact, he first gained control over another installation, HM Fort Knock John, in 1965. However HM Fort Knock John was within the 3 mile territorial limit and he was forced to leave. Sealand is 6 miles off shore.
  • Roy Bates gained control over both installations through physical fighting. Awesome.
  • In 1975, after the court ruled that Sealand was in fact outside of British jurisdiction, Roy introduced a constitution, followed by a flag, a national anthem, a currency and passports.
  • In 1978, the Prime Minister of Sealand and a Dutch businessman kidnapped Roy’s son in an attempt to overtake the island. With some help, Roy got his son back and temporarily held the two men as prisoners of war.
  • Sealand is represented in several sporting evens including the World Mini-Golf tour.

To bring this post full circle, the reason that Sealand came up is that it is now currently for sale (even though technically a principality can’t be sold, just transferred). The Pirate Bay, a BitTorrent tracker, has set up a fundraiser to buy it. The idea is that by moving their servers out to Sealand they would no longer be subject to all of the copyright laws. An added bonus is that if you donate, you will become a citizen of Sealand. I took a look around their forum and there are some pretty interesting discussions including National Language, Adult at Which Age? and my favorite MALE OR FEMALE (population male/female ratio). Unsurprisingly the answers are 1337, 16, and 92% male.


  1. So when will there be a United States: Operation Sealander Freedom? I’m sure there are some terrorists on the island or at least linked to the island that the globablists can attack. Or maybe not, since you said it consists of 92% male citizens and doesn’t have enough women and children. Hey, everyone needs a ‘democracy’…a.k.a. internationally owned central bank.

    - Russ (Jan 19, 2007)

  2. Interesting stuff! If I do some research I might like to write about this myself. Would you mind? It’s totally stealing your news. My take on it would be slightly different, of course. (Everything I do is slightly different, it seems.)

    - Hulles (Jan 22, 2007)

  3. Hulles, I will be looking forward to your post on sealand 🙂 Make sure to read the forums as I’m sure there is more inspiring material there.

    - Rett (Jan 22, 2007)

  4. Thanks Rett. I plan on writing the post this week, hopefully.

    - Hulles (Jan 28, 2007)

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