Thank you 80's cartoon characters

Growing up, I always wrote thank you letters for birthday gifts to my extended family. I would write one, and then each letter after that would be rearrangements of the same basic information along with references to the specific gift(s). I would wonder, what happens if I accidentally send my Granny Carol a thank you that was meant for my Grandma and Grandpa (and vise versa)? In my head I imagined that Granny Carol would read the message, then send it back to Grandma and Grandpa. Then when she finally got the message intended for her, she would realize how similar it was, and I would be exposed as a cheat. That never happened, at least to my knowledge.

Anyway, a lot has changed since those days. For one, computers have turned my once exquisite handwriting into illegible chicken scratch (I deserve to be stripped of the Good Handwriting Club cards I received for 3 consecutive years in Elementary school). I also now write thank you’s to my siblings and parents because I’m not there with them to open presents.

So this year, after writing all of my thank you’s (and trust me guys, each one is a unique work of art, a masterpiece in literature) I went rummaging through our drawers looking for envelopes. The only ones I could find were left over from Christmas and had a soft portrait of snow-covered cottage on the back. I realized that I couldn’t possibly send them as is or I would be the laughing stock of my family! Or maybe I just wanted to draw a series of 80’s cartoons.

The first thing that popped into my head when looking at the snow-covered cottage was David the Gnome. I’m not really sure why; the Gnomes lived in trees. But in that brief moment of thinking about David I got a big smile on my face and realized that my siblings would obviously get just as big a kick out of it. So I googled “david the gnome,” found a picture of him, and quick penned him onto the back of the envelope. Then I wrote a little caption to tie him to the house. That envelope seemed most appropriate for my younger sister, Caroline. Next I asked myself, what character would Eleanor like to see? Obviously she’d want a snork. Bam. Her card was snorked. Then for Eric, I immediately pictured him in his red Thundercats sweatsuit, so he got snarfed. Here are pictures for the visually un-impaired:

thank you letters with 80's cartoons

Caroline, Eric, Eleanor, can you please tell me if you enjoyed these envelopes as much as I enjoyed drawing on them? One thing I would like to point out, which I only noticed after the fact, is that each character has some form of facial hair, two beards and one stache, and they are all doing something with their right arm. What does this say about me I wonder.


  1. well brother dearest… i never for a second questioned that your thank you was a literary masterpiece and if it had been sent to, say, a brunette in the family…well wouldn’t we have a problem on our “sumo” hands (evil laugh here).

    but as for david and the envelopes? i mean genius. exactly what i’d expect from you. only slightly outdone by your classifying and pattern-finding skills. all with hands up and facial hair you say? suspicious. so long as they’re not neck-twanging (sp?) i wouldn’t get too freaked.


    - heh-hine-oh-line the CAROLINE (Sep 15, 2006)

  2. Speaking of classifying and pattern-finding, what do you think about the fact that the blond-haired Martins are the only ones participating in an online setting? Facebook and are where it’s at, get with the program brunettes!

    - rett (Sep 20, 2006)

  3. woooooord.

    (see…we’re even “down” with the follow-up)

    - bestest lil sister in all the land (Sep 20, 2006)

  4. Dearest little (big) brother – while I fully appreciate the Snork card and the whole facial hair epiphany thing… I have to say I’m a little offended at the, not so subtle, slam against the brunette members of the family. I mean, just because some of us are gainfully employed (albeit making about minimum wage) and dont have hours of time to while away on the Internet, does not make us less significant Martins. Consider yourself chastised (and thanked). 80’s cartoons rock!!

    P.S. Caroline has a dirty mind!

    - BIG STISTER! (Sep 21, 2006)

  5. p.p.s>>

    eleanor is an a-hole

    (i don’t swear. i am too wholesome for that)

    - me (we have that bond that doesn't require name usage) (Sep 21, 2006)

  6. Snarf!!! I lost my train of thought … and, apparently, my ability to spell/type.


    - Superior Brunette Empress of the Universe (Sep 21, 2006)

  7. eh hem,

    “i’m paddling backwards.”

    - i didn't want to say this but.... GOD (Sep 21, 2006)

  8. … don’t be jealous because I have mad skills – computer hacking skills (Caroline was just waaaay impressesd) and other skills.

    go Jesus — God is in the Hizzouse!

    - Jesus Christos es salva (Sep 21, 2006)

  9. buddha buddha buddha

    no need for translation
    WE two kings speak dot.

    who’s jealous now?!


    ps>>eric must be feeling pretty losery right about now oh?

    - this part is getting tedious (Sep 21, 2006)

  10. whatever, stister… dont be bitchy because i write better stories than you – witness “teddy gets a dog” and the horse story – that rett slammed all those years ago.

    ps>>> totally agree about eric…. eugh ^_~

    - uggh - BORING (Sep 21, 2006)

  11. I love my children sooooo much and am sooooo proud of them, that I’m buying them all ponies and sparkly tutus and piggies and neato art stuff and monkey men in monkey holes!

    - Mommy (Sep 21, 2006)

  12. wow, eric really is losery!

    on line blogs and internet participation are muy importante!

    - Konnie (Eric's girlfriend) (Sep 21, 2006)

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