The last week of your life

A while back I read about this dude that created a web site to help him get random with Lady Sovreign. He ended up raising his goal of $10,000 through donations and taking her out on a date where he spent all of the money. It got me thinking about what I would do if I had $10,000 to blow. I actually didn’t think about it long enough to come up with anything because my mind instantly drifted to thinking about how I could ever get that $10,000.

So here’s my idea, it’s pretty simple: create a contest where people pay $5 to enter. Once 4,000 people enter, one person is drawn at random. I pocket a couple grand, and $8,000 goes towards hiring someone to film the winner spending $10,000 in one week. It’s not a ton of money, but if you get creative you could do a lot of cool things. So maybe it’s more like the last week of your life if you’re somewhat poor and can’t leave behind a lot of debt for your family of 4, but it’s still the same basic idea.

So the naysayers are probably thinking who’s going to pay $5, or you’re never going to get 4,000 people to enter. To them I say that I’m actually planning on waiting until 7 or 8 people enter, pocketing the $35 or $40 and skipping town.

Oh and I just remembered another similar idea that made me rethink of this. Jakob Lodwick of blumpy.org recently held a contest where he wrote a check for $100 and randomly chose one del.icio.us user who bookmarked his page. 3,490 people ended up bookmarking the page, and all for $100.

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  1. Where can I sign up???

    - Mom Kimball (Jul 21, 2006)

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