The quest for a road bike

My friend Caleb is back in town for the summer and on Saturday we decided to hit up a bunch of yard sales in the Seward neighborhood. He was on a quest for a road bike and I was just hoping to find some sort of hidden gem. We stopped first at a place where he had been the day before to look at one bike. It was a bit too small but Caleb decided to take it for a test drive anyway. Caleb joked to the guy that he would leave me as collateral and the guy without smiling said, “no just your id.” Caleb then reached in his pocket and tried to give him the keys to his truck, but the guy insisted on an id. Then Caleb handed over his wallet to the guy and the guy asked “Is your id in here?” I’m sure the guy had good reason to be cautious but it was still pretty weird.

Later we came across 4 bikes chained to a tree with a scribbled note saying to inquire about cost. So we asked the guy about the bikes and the conversation went like this:

Caleb: You think any of those bikes are the right size for me?
Guy: Well, maybe the one on the end…
Caleb: How much are you asking?
Guy: The Ginelli is 1200 bucks.
Caleb: Oh…
Guy, offended at our ignorance: Well I’m not going to GIVE them away.

Again, understandable to a certain extent, but come on, this is a garage sale!

After a few more failed attempts and offering people money for bikes that just happened to be parked in front of their sales, we headed off to the Hub and eventually One on One downtown. The cheapest bike we saw was an old Schwinn for $350 which was still quite a bit more than what Caleb was looking to spend.

I talked to Caleb today and was happy to hear that he found a similar Schwinn at the Grease Pit and was able to negotiate a price of $40 along with some volunteer hours at the shop. The bike needs a little bit of work, but he can do all of it there and in the end it’s going to be just as nice as anything we saw at the other shops.

Oh, and I did find a little gem for myself. Three old books from an early 60’s series titled “The HOW AND WHY Wonder book of…”

  1. Planets and Interplanetary Travel (5 cents)
  2. Sound (10 cents)
  3. Beginning Science (10 cents)

I’ll scan in the covers if I get a chance, they contain some great illustrations.

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