What kinda music do I listen to?

I remember the days of late middle school when there was an unwritten rule that if you wore a band t-shirt you had to at least be able to list off an album or two and probably throw out a few song names. Otherwise you were a poser. I had Beastie Boy’s Root Down shirt, a Beck Two Turntables (and a microphone) and a Rage Against the Machine Evil Empire shirt. I also had a Rage patch and a FUGAZI patch on my back pack (a Jansport of course…this was a few years past the LL Bean with embroidered initials, which I NEVER got!). Then scribbled on my notebook were some of the same along with They Might Be Giants and maybe one or two more.

Those days it was easy to say what music I liked, and because of the potential threat of being labeled a “poser” I was always ready to list them off. Since then a lot has changed, and I listen to so much music that I’m always left mouthgaped with a dumb grin on my face when someone asks what I listen to.

Well a few weeks ago I put together a muxtape which forced me to select 12 songs and assemble them into a playlist. It was pretty hard, but I’m really happy with the result. Even though the songs don’t represent the full spectrum of what I listen to (this mix tends to be lots of hard beat, electronic, and hip hop) I think I’ll just point the next person who asks to

And for people looking to explore some new music, I’ve had way more luck listening through random muxtapes then I ever have with pandora or’s stations. So go listen!

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