Digital, digital, get UP?

I’ve got a short idea here for those of you still trying to finish up my last post. Some of you told me that you’ve read about eighty percent of it, so keep believing and stay the course, maybe one day you’ll get to the end. Does eighty percent mean reading just the first paragraph?

But I digress…put simply, my idea is that one day in the near future, DVD players will be obsolete. I don’t think that those of you who are ambitious and want a get-rich-quick scheme will benefit from this knowledge. In a way, it’s fairly obvious, and I’m sure that electronics corporations already have something in the mix. Instead of the DVD player, there will be something like what the I-Pod does for music. I know that there are I-Pods out there that can play movies (like a portable TV in other words), but I’m unaware if they can transfer those movies onto a television screen. If so, then this post is pointless and I will delete it…after all these words are just 1’s and 0’s.

The reason I find this idea worth writing about is that I’d never really thought about how many products are transitioning toward the digital mode. We’re going from tangible items to 1’s and 0’s, which helps out the environment, creating less waste. It should have been somewhat forseen back when computers came out that the walkman would become a thing of the past. We’ve gone from vinyls to 8-tracks to tapes (walkmans) to CDs (discmans) to digital (I-Pod and others). As far as movies go, we’ve gone from film to VHS to DVD and soon to digital on a broader basis.

What does this mean? Well, we already have pay-per-view, where you can get movies from the satellite. So some people don’t ever make a trip to the video store. Are we going to have a unit like the I-Pod that will connect to the TV and also the computer, so we can download from the PC and then hook up to the tube? Maybe there won’t be a separate unit, and things could be download straight to the television. I don’t know what it’ll look like, but I’m sure they’re already working on it.

Are there other things that will disappear from the real world and reappear digitally? Maybe we’ll get rid of our physical bodies one day, who needs ’em? The digital world is so much cleaner. Oh, but what about viruses?

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