Don't worry, everything's fine.

Take a deep breath


Relax your body

(Anna Nicole Smith)

Close your eyes

(American Idol)

Keep breathing deep

(Anna Nicole Smith)

Count back from ten

(Anna Nicole Smith)

You’re getting very sleepy

(Anna Nicole Smith)

Just let yourself go

(Anna Nicole Smith)

Fall asleep…

WAR WITH IRAN (false flag attack first?)


P.S. Is it just me or was Anna Nicole Smith a C.I.A. mind controlled slave?  She seemed like an empty shell, disconnected from herself.  Let’s just say that in my opinion, she fits the M.O.  Just check out Project Monarch or MKUltra.  Truth can be stranger than fiction.

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  1. Well, I guess I’d like to reply to my own post. Not to add to the distractionary news, but I find it interesting that there is no serious dialogue in the fluff media regarding a real investigation of Anna Nicole’s death by the police. The talking heads make inuendos here and there, but they don’t give a criminal aspect any credence. All they talk about is where they should bury her and who should get custody of the baby. Shouldn’t there be suspicion since Anna Nicole and her son both died so close in chronolgy and both in the bahamas? Isn’t there a few eyebrows raised since a ‘nurse’ failed to call 911 right away and did not perform CPR right away and instead waited around for her husband…shouldn’t a nurse know better? But I digress…

    - Russ (Feb 28, 2007)

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