Hail Hillary!

Most of us were told as children that any U.S. citizen has the chance to become the President of the United States.  I’m sure for many that seemed like a magical idea…that the U.S. is the strongest and most liberated country in the world and the President is the leader and protector of that sovereign nation.  Sounds pretty cool, huh?  The idea of growing up and becoming the most powerful figure of the modern world.

Well, at least some of us grow up and realize that the mystique of the Presidential position is mostly an illusion.  We learn that the role of the president isn’t supposed to be one of a dictator or ‘decider’, which doesn’t make it seem quite as cool.  We start to see that the president is really just a puppet position for powers far more complex and widespread.  We question whether it’s really true that anyone can become president because we see that every U.S. president so far was a white male.  We wonder, why not a woman or someone from a minority group?

How about Hillary Clinton?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she became the first woman president?  That would prove that anyone can be elected into the position, right?  Well, she’s decided to run after denying the intention for so many years.  Here’s our chance I guess.

Don’t fall on or get run over by the Hillary Clinton bandwagon.  It’s a load.  Just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she’s good…maybe the elite just want to have a different type of suit in the oval office in order to fool you that something will actually change for the better.  Look into the Clinton family history…it’s not all about saxophones and charity work.  The Clintons are cold-blooded.

And the idea that anybody can become president?  The Clintons and the Bushs both come from the same royal line.  Think about it…if Hillary were to get elected and then re-elected for a second term we would’ve had a Bush or a Clinton serving as either a president or vice president for 36 years straight!!!  Are we living under an elite that has a divine right to rule?  I wonder if the president is actually selected by bloodline as opposed to elected…. 



  1. I will take Barack Obama anyday over Hillary. He is who I have the most confidence in.

    - Andrew (Jan 23, 2007)

  2. I think in the case of political elites, Rett, you aren’t seeing the forest for the trees.

    - mark sier (Jan 27, 2007)

  3. Andrew, I don’t know much about Obama at this point in time, but I’d be careful to see that he isn’t just a phony maintaining the left/right paradigm, in which both sides fall under the military-industrial complex control.

    Mark, I’m not sure what ‘forest’ you are referring to in your response. Please elaborate. And remember that I’m a big fan of rain forest conservation.

    - Russ (Jan 29, 2007)

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