Heaven a good day?

I thought about using the title, “I wonder if heaven got a ghetto,” but I think that has been used somewhere before. Well, my initial thoughts on this post actually focused on the idea of ‘hell.’ This hell thing must be an important topic, since I’m sure some people in my life (no names) think I’m going there after I die because my soul hasn’t been saved. I’m not necessarily making light of this situation, but in a way I used to take it personally, like, “you think you’re betta than me?!” After some duration, though, I’ve come to find it a bit humorous. That aside, my inquiries into hell came from a mix of Carlos Castaneda’s The Art of Dreaming mixed in with some Ken Wilber’s writings on levels of consciousness. Staying on the surface of this topic, I merely wonder what it meant to be in or go to hell. I thought that possibly the more awareness, perception, consciousness obtained; the more one experiences a heavenly existence. On the downward spiral in the other direction, one would experience a state of ‘hell’ whereas one is distanced from ‘God.’ For instance, a tree would be in a more hellish state than a human. ‘Evil’ seems to implode in on itself and eat it’s own, which would in turn break down consciousness…I have a feeling I’m off-base here, since there may be a difference between the ‘destroyer’ and the ‘deceiver’…but I still want to ask if you think a tree is in more a state of hell than a human. I guess the way to find out would be to ask a tree or tree spirit if you believe that to be at all possible (communication can discover the interiors of things). I may be talking apples to oranges to some of you, but I’m simply trying to look from the perspective of everything is everything (Lauryn Hill) and all in all is all we are (Nirvana).

So I don’t confuse the issue anymore (considering I try to flow with these posts and I don’t write four drafts before publishing), I think there are different perspectives on what ‘hell’ is and means. My tree example may be confusing pre-(or sub)consciousness’s lack of awareness and self-consciousness’s ability to act ‘immorally.’ I don’t want to fall down the postmodern trap that the meaning of hell is relative, so that it’s different for whomever considers it and no truth can be found, but I think it’s good to deconstruct the meaning of this issue. The word ‘love’ can mean various things and I think ‘hell’ can be interpreted in the same way.

Well, I’ve spent a long time talking about hell anyway, but I want to move on quick to ‘heaven’ as to not completely lose your interest. The point of this post is to ponder this idea of ‘heaven,’ and if you would like to look at your own thoughts/beliefs on the issue, all the better. I think it’s semi-unwise to think you’re going to heaven without ever really contemplating on what that really is and means. Of course, there are those of you that think this isn’t worth discussing, since there is no heaven. For you, there is nothing, you are born, you live, you die, then there is nothing. I think there could be an interesting discussion on this, whereas this belief both evalates the personal ego and degrades it at the same time (the latter meaning that this belief isn’t worried about extending the personal identity after death, which seems to disempower it…personal meaninglessness). The world may or may not be there without you after you die, depending on your beliefs, but I’m guessing that you probably believe that the world was here before you came and will be here afterward. What makes this last idea convincing is that we witness people pass away in our lives and yet we remain. Yes, I know there is the self-centered sense that you alone have perception like you’re on the Truman Show, but taken further, you become a sociopath…hee hee. For those that don’t believe in heaven, I still urge you to look at your own belief systems and question them as well. Who knows, you may be stuck in a materialistic, atomistic, self-centered, scientifically dogmatic box that you never knew you were in. I suppose if the box is padded it wouldn’t be that uncomfortable. Just remember you can’t see electrons, but apparently they exist, when they didn’t back in the day to our knowledge (knowledge develops over time in other words, so don’t get stuck in the muck). Or maybe you don’t know what to think and try to keep an open mind….

Now, I want to consider the various ideas on ‘heaven,’ and for time’s sake I will just list a few. Keep in mind that there are internal and external ideas about heaven, with-in and with-out, if you will. I won’t discuss categorizations either; I simply want you to think about how heaven means different things to people:

– Heaven is up, such as when the skies are referred to as the ‘heavens’
– An extension to the heaven is up idea, heaven is thought of as existing in a location past our universe; I don’t remember the details on this one, I just remember hearing it on a religious radio program
– Heaven is in some sort of other dimension
– Aside from a specific location, heaven is seen as a ‘happy’ place that lasts for an eternity once one gets there after death
– Heaven is eating a good piece of apple pie…along with that, heaven can be proven through looking at one’s daughter (Live, the band)
– Heaven exists as a state of being that can be achieved prior to death
– Heaven exists after death, getting there is dependent on certain things…some consider morality a factor, others whether one takes Jesus into the heart
– Buddhists (or is it Hindu?) have an idea of nirvana (keep in mind my knowledge is limited) which could be equated to heaven, which is a form of being completely ’empty’ and entering the void
– Heaven is a place you get to hang out with God and others who made it there
– Heaven is relative to the person’s belief systems before death…for instance, if you believe that heaven is in fluffy clouds and rainbows, then that’s where you’ll go
– Heaven will come down to earth and all the evil will be banished and everyone will be free and joyous for all time

I could probably keep going, but hopefully you get the idea. I will end this post with some questions that will hopefully get you started into thinking about your ideas of heaven. Whether or not this inquiry is important or just another mind exercise is up to you. I’m not saying to change your beliefs, but to look deeper into things. Question things isn’t equal to a lack of faith.

Do you have a body when you are in heaven? Do you have to pee? Is there money in heaven? If heaven is on earth, only good things happen? If that’s the case is there no free will? If there is free will, do people in heaven know and do only what is right? Is God a light? Would that be infrared or flourescent? Will humor make me go to hell? Can you play chess or checkers with God? If heaven is a feeling, is it dependent on circumstances?…Can I fall out of heaven just as easily as I came upon it? Are there levels of heaven? Once I reach heaven, do I lose all sense of personal identity? If I do lose my personality and body and become ‘one,’ do I really exist in heaven? Can I die in heaven? If so, where would I go? If there is a heaven, does there have to be a hell? Is earth hell? What is the matrix? Is all this questioning of the technicalities of heaven important, or should I just want to go there simply because I know it’s where I’d want to be? How do I get there? Where am I? Who are you? Why am I writing this? Why are you reading this?


  1. “Would you know my name, if I saw you in

    I don’t know, because
    I haven’t gotten that
    far in the Left Behind series. However, it
    depicts what hell on earth will be like for those “left behind” …
    in case you’re interested.

    - ginger (Jan 7, 2006)

  2. Nirvana is a state of being or consciousness of which one has come to realize existence is essentially meaningless (void, empty). It is our judgment and subjectivity that give meaning to the world. Otherwise, without our observation, the world has no meaning on its own. All in all Nirvana is a place in mind where you are content with this knowledge, and realized the sufferings and pain you thought real bear no more weight in your soul.

    - gingertom (Mar 7, 2006)

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