Money is a funny thing.  We put so much value into this idea of ‘money’ and yet most of us understand very little about this monetary system.  We have many nicknames for money.  Sometimes it’s referred to as cheddar or cheese…well at least it is called that in some rap songs.  I have a feeling this is a reference to the rat in the cage, spinning the wheel to earn the cheese.  If you really look at our money system closely, you’ll see that this trapped rat analogy fits quite well to our situation.  If this is the case, who is the scientist feeding us the cheese?

Money, like our dollar currency, is only given value through agreement.  Everyone can understand on some level that a dollar bill is really just a piece of paper.  The numbers on the computer screen that represent how much you have in your bank account works the same way.  The number are meaningless until given meaning through social convention.  If you haven’t pondered this at length, you may be having an epiphany right now, but odds are you’ve thought this through at some point.  The dollar bill is not inherently difference than the bills you receive in the Monopoly board game.  If you were carrying $100 of Monopoly money in your wallet/purse and someone stole it, you likely wouldn’t think too much about it.  On the other hand, if someone stole $100 worth of Federal Reserve notes from your wallet, you’d probably get quite angry.  This shows how we’ve been trained to value one type of printed paper over another.

I understand that you can’t buy food from the grocery store using Monopoly money.  You have to use the dollar, at least in the United States (until it becomes the Amero, but that’s another story).  And if someone steals the paper you use to get food and other products/services, you may feel justified in your anger.  You’ve been using dollars to buy things since you were a kid most likely.  You give a store some paper dollars and you get tangible items in return.  I get that.  I simply want you to realize how much weight you put on the dollar bill and how much you rely on it.  You judge others based on how much dollars they have, you work overtime to collect more dollars, you fight with your spouse over dollars, you act stingy toward your friends in order to save dollars, you get scared if you don’t have enough dollars, etc.  Sure, you can mentally grasp what I’m saying, but you have to take a step back and see the truth behind the constructed reality.  WE GIVE MONEY ITS POWER.  I’m saying you need to see the humor in wiping your ass with the stuff, though I wouldn’t recommend it.  You need to laugh about how serious we take pieces of paper.  In the big picture it’s silly really.  What we’ll do to get printed paper and numbers on a screen.  Once you get the joke, you’ll never be the same.

Now let’s get down to business.  Although, I’m not schooled in the complicated world of money, business, and banking, I’m not naive either.  I understand the function of money and how it’s used to facilitate an easier transition of goods and services.  For instance, let’s say I have some corn to sell.  You have chickens.  You want my corn, but I don’t want your chickens.  Instead of trading/bartering, you give me money, which I use in turn to purchase what I want, be it pigs or whatever.  Money is a means of exchange, which is all well and good.  The question I want to get at though is: does money serve you or do you serve money?

You guessed it, my answer to that question is indeed that you serve the money system.  Sure, it’s easier for you to go to the store and pay for some milk with some dollar bills as opposed to bartering with some vegetables from your garden, and in that way money works to your favor.  That’s where the benefit ends, and the fact is that any form of currency can handle that function.  You have to look below the surface of our monetary system to understand how you’re being robbed.  Unfortunately, our banking system isn’t set up to be a neutral entity that facilitates exchange.  If you only think about making money and spending it and don’t look behind the curtain, your financial worth will be stolen from you without you realizing it.  And the crazy part of it all is that you’ve also been duped to even giving your money away to the system that steals from you!

I’m going to briefly go over some of the main mechanisms to this money scheme that drains financial power away from you.  I will add links to videos that cover these things in more depth as well.   

First of all, we have the Federal Reserve, which is the institution that prints all the dollars in our system.  The Federal Reserve is a private bank.  It creates fiat money, which is money made out of thin air.  It is not backed by anything of substance.  To the Federal Reserve, money might as well grow on trees.  This basically gives the Federal Reserve power to pump out as much money into the economy as they want, effectively giving them the ability to control inflation.  It’s necessary to note that the Federal Reserve has never been audited.  Since it is a private entity, the general public has limited access and power into its operations.  The Federal Reserve board is appointed by the president and arguably does the bidding of these central bankers.  The kicker is that they create this money out of nothing and then charge interest on it.  This essentially puts the American public in constant debt.  And the trillions of dollars debt continues to grow everyday.  Who do we owe this money to?  Mainly the international bankers that work diligently to establish central banks in every country on the planet under their control.  And if a country says ‘no’ to these bankers…well you could just guess.  These bankers basically control governments because who ever prints the money makes the rules.  The Federal Reserve lends money to our government, puts us in debt, and the public fits the bill.  Ever wonder why there is poverty even after the industrial revolution or why you work so much for a meager salary?  It’s due to the majority of the wealth getting funnelled out of the hands of the people and into the grip of the power elite.  Hey, want a big military?  Just ask the Fed to type some numbers on the screen and give you a check.  Then, the people will pay it back with interest through sweat and tears.  It seems to me to be almost a blank check to spend whatever the government wants, just as long as it pleases the banking elite. 

So, the Federal Reserve controls inflation, interest rates, and policy.  And it’s never been audited.  Hope their being ethical!  Nevermind the fact that the U.S. Constitution gave government, who are supposed to act in the interest of the population, the power to print money…not a private central bank.  Do you wonder why debt is systemic across the board?  Almost no one owns anything anymore.  Let’s say you buy a $200,000 house and get a loan from the bank.  Over the life of the loan, you’ll probably end up paying twice what it’s worth!  Don’t even get me started on credit card debt.  Throw in mega inflation that dwarfs the increase in wage earnings for the American worker (some say that today the dollar is worth about four cents) and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.  For more info on the Federal Reserve click here.

You want another scam?  How ’bout the IRS?  You are not required to pay taxes on the income you earn from working at your job.  It’s voluntary.  There is no law that forces you to pay.  Being made to pay in this way goes against our Constitution.  The idea is that you own your labor, so in a sense, working for a living is an even trade with your employer.  You put in the hours and you get paid…done deal.  The state does not own your labor, you do.  And there have been Supreme Court cases that agree with what I’m saying.  Even the IRS code states that paying this form of income tax is voluntary.  I don’t believe that ‘income’ is even defined in the code!  Don’t get me wrong, there is a cause and effect to this set up.  You don’t pay your taxes, you can get throw in jail.  So, not paying into the fraud is up to you as long as you are aware of the consequences.  But, if everyone decided to stop paying, it’s a different story…by the way, your income tax dollars only goes to cover the interest on the national debt which is a fraud to boot!!!  For more info on the income tax fraud click here.

Moving right along…why is it that our government never seems to have enough money to pay for things that would actually benefit our society?  Yeah, you could argue that our tax money is allocated away from social programs and into military ‘defense’ spending, but I think there may be something more to it.  Enter: the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.  What the crap are you talking about Russ, you say?  Put simply, this is a report that every local, state, and federal government puts out each year which reports their financial dealings; hence the title.  It contains the budget information for that particular governmental body, but much more as well.  It shows the government’s investments and assets also.  In short, your local, state, and federal government is reported to own around 70% of all stocks in the stock market.  Free market?  Please…The money that the government takes in from taxes and other sources of revenue is a tiny portion of its net worth.  This portion is what is used to pay for the budget expenses.  So if you are short, guess who pays for it?  We do.  Or they’ll cut programs.  But what about that other 90% net worth?  That money is all invested in capital.  The government owns land, hotels, theme parks, and stock in most Fortune 500 companies.  Guess what they do with the surplus funds they pull from those investments.  Needless to say, they don’t give it back to the people.  They reinvest it and buy up more land and business.  Government feasting on the private sector.  Do we have free market?  No.  We have mega-corporations, big government, globalization, mergers, etc.  You probably aren’t aware of all this wealth that your government hoards away.  You just listen to your politicians when they say they want your money to help the elderly or the kids and you open up your pocketbook.  Well, we’re short on the budget this year, right?  Please.  Just remember that the government got rich off your tax money, so it’s rightfully yours.  Oh, and the government exists because the people say it exists.  They work for us.  For more info on the C.A.F.R. click here.

Obviously, this subject is much more involved than what I was able to discuss in this post.  I could’ve talked about the notion that if OPEC decided to ditch the dollar in the oil market, we could be a hurtin’ unit.  Or how outsourcing jobs to countries where people work as slaves likely devastates the average American worker who wants to actually get paid a living wage for their work…it’s probably hard to compete with a rival company that gives slave wages to cut costs, which essentially undermines competition. 

I’ll admit, I am not, by any means, an expert.  Far from it.  I just know that if what I’ve laid out for you is true, or at least mostly true, then we’ve got serious problems.  If anything, I want you, the public, to at least be aware of these ideas.  Knowledge is key. 

If you think this issue doesn’t matter and you want to go back to sitting on your thumb, then so be it.  You might as well leave the keys in your car, leave your door wide open with your jewelry on the floor, and give out your banking secret codes…since you’re so carefree about your money.  I’m guessing, though, that money is something of importance to most people.  It apparently makes the world go round.  So look into what I’m saying to see if it’s true. 

It’s your money. 




  1. Hey, Russ, check out the
    16th amendment.

    - ginger (Oct 24, 2006)

  2. Hey, Mom, check out this video.

    It’ll help you understand what ‘sources of income’ really means. Some people say that the 16th Amendment was never properly ratified. Also, do a google search on ‘Joe Bannister’ and read his paper on the IRS tax code. It’s funny that they say you must ‘voluntarily comply’ in regard paying your income taxes.

    The 16th Amendment is very general and it’s wise to not simply take its meaning at face value and right off what I’m bringing up and instead look deeper into the matter.

    - Russ (Oct 25, 2006)

  3. So Russ what would you like us to do? I understand what you are telling us in this post, but what is the point of it? It seemed like you wrote a bunch of facts and then basically said, “here you go”. Can you lead the revolution? Maybe you can give us ideas on how to right the wrongs of the system? Help us help you man.

    - Andrew (Nov 3, 2006)

  4. 16th… I don’t see anything voluntary about this… “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

    - EV (Nov 3, 2006)

  5. Well, my intellectual allegiance is to the truth. It doesn’t bother me to point out info that isn’t alligned with my point of view. Gotta be flexible! I just found out that Larken Rose, the man behind the video posted earlier in this comments section, was found guilty of tax evasion. His Section 861 argument didn’t go over well in court. Does that mean the idea that you don’t have to pay income tax is null and void? Not necessarily. Do some research and come to your own conclusion. And don’t just read the 16th Amendment and stop there. Don’t assume you understand what you’re reading without looking further. Do you think I’d spend much time on this topic if the answer were as simple as read the 16th Amendment?…like I forgot to look at it before writing my post. Well, maybe you’re right and it is that simple. But why does the IRS Code refer to paying income tax as voluntary compliance? Where’s the law that requires you to pay income tax?…and various other questions. Double, my next post will likely be about righting the wrongs of the system so stay tuned…

    - Russ (Nov 6, 2006)

  6. Russ,

    Your article is right. And you’re right that people need to look beyond the 16th Amendment. They need to look at other sources such as Asset Pro or Lost Horizons for more tax education and information. They need to look much more into how the current United States central bank (the Fed) is full of fraudulent activity. Then they need to look even further than these three sources until they can form their own opinions as to whether we’ve been lied to and cheated all our lives.

    - DS (Dec 4, 2006)

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