No more hollering!

I’m currently sitting down on my lunch break and enjoying a chicken burrito that I just picked up from Chipotle across the street. I admit, it’s one of my guilty pleasures that I enjoy when I’m in need of going to the grocery store and my cupboards are bare. I do want to point out that it’s my understanding that Chipotle is owned by the McDonald’s corporation for those of you unaware and who are concerned about your well-being.

I just have a quick story that happened while I was ordering my burrito (later on I went home and played PlayStation, just kidding…ode to my man Isaac):

There was this guy behind me in line who looked like he was in his early thirties and was in some sort of construction job because of his attire. He started ordering his burrito and the way he was saying his words, he seemed to be mimicking the Chipotle employees. He looked born and raised in Minnesota, if ya know what I mean, and most employees appear to have some Mexican or Latin American roots. He said words like “burrito” and “pinto” and “fajita” in a way that sounded almost like it had a mocking tone. I know that sometimes it’s necessary to use words in their correct pronounciation, like the word “franc” in French. To me, saying “franc” with an ‘aw’ sound instead of like the name Frank can actually show a willingness on the part of the speaker to at least try to say the word correctly, in turn, showing respect. The word “burrito” on the other hand is used without the Mexican accent very widely in this country, and it seems to be acceptable (at least in Minnesota) to say it with a Norwegian speaking style. So, when this gentleman used “burrito” and other words with an accent, I felt like he was mocking how the Chipotle staff spoke. I suppose he could have been trying to speak the words like them in order to relate better, but I doubt it. Maybe he didn’t realize that he changed his accent, but I doubt that too. Or possibly, he knew he was speaking that way, but he has no notion of how it could be perceived by others.

I don’t know what really transpired today in Chipotle, and you might not think it is important. All I know is that if it was the case that he was mocking their speech, it’s annoying. I can’t stand subtle superiority trips.

The reason I really decided to write this post (since the story wasn’t very exciting) is that Chipotle burritos are no longer “5 dolla make ya holla.” Unfortunately, a chicken burrito on its own costs six bucks. What have we come to?

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