Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of talk radio. This morning on the Al Franken show on the AM dail, a woman (name?) who was filling in for Al brought up a point that I found interesting. She was talking about the Iraqi war and why the U.S. began the attack in the first place. She listed many supposed reasons: 911, stop terrorism, Saddam’s a bastard, etc. She went onto say that these reasons weren’t really why we went to war; they were simply some of the rhetoric to convince America that going to war was important. She said that the U.S. went to war to get our military to control that area as to in turn control the oil production. She said that we will likely be there permanently and that Bush has no desire to get us out on any time frame. She said that the U.S. Embassy (write word?) we’re building there will be the largest in the world, which makes it unlikely that we’ll be leaving anytime soon. Secure the oil!

To add my own idea onto this post instead of simply repeating the woman from the radio; are Americans who are opposed to war for oil really opposed to war for oil? All I’m saying is that Republicans/Democrats alike want America to be prosperous, powerful, and ‘free.’ Most of our definition of freedom, even from the time of our country’s conception, has been strongly based on the idea of economic/political freedom. The freedom to own land and property. With a strong economic base, the military and political power follow. With the change of mainstream ideals in the mid-twentieth century with liberalism and equality, the definition of freedom on a broader scale in the population evolved a bit. Economic freedom, though, remains a part of our freedom and sets our country perceivably apart from the rest of the world. Without getting off task here, the point that I want to make is that most of the rhetoric in the mainstream media is very ethno-centric, our country should be supreme, and along with that goes the idea that we need to be on top. I’m saying that deeper down on some level, republicans and democrats alike may want military control for oil…which leads to power…even though the values they discuss go against war. In other words, their values may be superficial to their more crucial desires.

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