Quick List

Here’s a quick list of things that may have an effect on your perception of the world.  Most people know nothing or very little about these items, although a few I’ve mentioned before.  I think it’s fairly true to say that the more you think you’re free, the more enslaved you really are.  Research this list and build at least a basic understanding of the terms and you might surprise yourself.  If you come to think that the items are relevant and important to your worldview, ask yourself why you’ve never heard about them.  And if you don’t care enough to look into them….well, that’s your choice.


New World Order

Council on Foreign Relations  

Trilateral Commission

Bilderberg Group

Carlyle Group

Project for a New American Century

Project Monarch

Project Paperclip

Project Mockingbird

MK Ultra

Operation Northwoods

Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

Skull and Bones society at Yale University

Bohemian Grove

National ID card (Real ID Act)

Trans-Texas Corridor

NAFTA Superhighway

Security and Prosperity Partnership

The ‘Amero’

FEMA concentration camps

Military Commissions Act of 2006

Downing Street Memos

Prescott Bush Nazi ties

DynCorp sex trade

9/11 Controlled Demolitions

9/11 Insider Trading; Put Options

9/11 NORAD standdown orders


Rothschild’s family history

Rockefeller’s ‘Memoirs’ quote (p. 404-405)

Internet 2

China’s organ harvesting

Embedded Microchips in prisoners, soldiers, mentally ill, elderly, etc. (you’re next)

Posse Comitatus (research how our police is being militarized)

Information Awareness Office (check out the logo)

Artificial Scarcity (oil, diamonds, etc.)

JFK Commission’s Magic Bullet theory

Top 100 World Economic Entities

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports


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