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Get back, Jojo!! This post is mainly for my man Rett to consider, but if anyone else actually reads what I write, then it’s for you too. What I would like to start doing is posting short quotes onto this site, wherever would be deemed plausible. They wouldn’t necessarily be things that I’ve said, but ideas that float around in my head from time to time. We used to compile quotes from college friends some time ago; funny little lines that imparted the flavors of each dude. My idea for a quote section is like that, but not really. I’m picturing a section on the ‘Russ’ page dedicated to this venture that features quotes from just me…because I’m selfish.

I think of things throughout the day that wouldn’t constitute making it as one of my long-winded posts. I would like to get them down somewhere, so they don’t get lost in the mental jewelry sea. I’ve seen other websites have a quote section…or a displayed quote that pops up every time you enter a certain page…and they change constantly…that last idea isn’t necessary really.

Basically, I want to get a quote that someone can take to heart; an original idea that touches the masses. I want to make my mark, so when I die my life has meaning…tongue-in-cheek here people! Whatever that means. I just wanna have funny or enlightening sayings that come from me. Here’s a few examples as of recently that may show what I mean and could be the first quotes of their kind. Keep in mind I’ve never said these outloud.

“There is only a tick, your mind makes the tock.”

“Ergonomics: the study of making laziness more comfortable.”

P.S. I believe that Rett is possibly revamping this site, so keep this in mind buddy if you do so.

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