Sleep to Dream

Dream and reality…what’s the deal? I’m not going to get into a whole Matrix discussion with this post. I would like to say that there are some factors which help determine what we consider ‘real’ and what we think is a bunch of mental cream dreams. Physicality is one of them. We tend to focus on the visual aspect of dreams and seem to forget or not experience physical senses while dreaming. And when we do remember physical experiences when we wake up from night’s sleep, we may chalk it up to memories of previous physical sensations. Like we remember what we feel during the day and process it during the night. Maybe I’m generalizing here, but no worries. Linearity is another factor. Cause and effect. One event follows another. In dreams, a lot of times things seems out of order and jumbled. ‘Reality’ seems much more structured. For instance, I remember taking the dog outside to poop before coming in to sit on the couch to type this. Before that he’d peed on the carpet and I had to clean it up. Before that I tucked in the girls. In other words my memory can remember the events that took place today in a sequential order. When I wake up from dreams, oftentimes the dream events seem clustered and time seems to be hard to follow. Like I can remember one sequence of events while I’m dreaming, but I can’t remember how I got to this sequence or how it translates into the next sequence.

I once talked with my old roommate Dan about how we decide which memories are real and which are from dreams. Unless you’ve mixed up dream and reality before, you may not quite get what I’m saying. For instance, you get in a fight with a friend in a dream and then a month later you can’t quite remember whether you’d had the fight or if it was ‘all in your head’. The only thing that’s real is what is happening right now, but that may not even be true either. The eyes are the windows to the soul. Why is that? Because they filter reality to your brain. Here’s the matrix part. You never really know what’s out there in the real world. Light, photons, never come in contact with your brain. Your brain is locked up in your skull. It’s all electrical signals from there on out. If the tools (5 senses) are changed, the info entering into your brain’s electrical system will interpret something completely different. That’s how reality works. Keep in mind that what you see is only a portion of what is there. Or maybe not…how do I know? Just think of your brain like a radio. We are tuned into a certain station (let’s say 101.3 KDWB) and we’re told that every other station doesn’t exist (93X or whatever). So what makes you think that you’re dreams are any less real than ‘reality’? You’re conditioned to think that reality is a certain way. Dreams ‘happen’ to you just as much as reading this on your computer right now. You just remember ‘waking up’ so dreams seem less real (along with the other factors I discussed). Ever remember ‘waking up’ in your dream? Lucid dreams in other words. What are you conscious of?

Here’s what I getting at…I know this is just a mental fancy and may not have any basis in reality or truth, since I have no real evidence to provide here. So in other words, this is just a ‘what if’ idea. There’s many people who discuss dreaming and consciousness. Some talk about mirror worlds and 26th dimensions and whatnot. Read their stuff, they may know more than me. The idea is this: what if our dreaming life is the ‘right half’ of our conscious awareness? In other words, what if our experience in this world is mainly a left-brained one? Our culture and experience focuses primarily on the left-brained perception. Just look at our school program. Here’s some info, tell me back what I just told you. Think for yourself?…well we’re working on that. Creativity and music and all the other arts-based programs are downplayed and competition and rigid thinking is praised. Linearity is also very left-brained. Without going on here about how our life is stuck in the left-brained prison, maybe we’re actually existing in two worlds at once. Our dream life is right-brained and has only a little left-brained focus while our ‘waking’ world is left-brained with a struggling right-brained existence. Sleeping may then be a bridge between our left and right minds. So the possibility is there that if we allow ourselves to ‘wake up’ in our dreams, then we can finally integrate our dual lives. To look at it another way, your self in this world may think that your dream self is just mental fancies. Plenty of people think dreams are pointless synapse firings. Just mental mush memories. Most of those people think that without even exploring the issue. I’ll respect someone who says dreams are pointless crap only after they give them their due…after they take an honest, genuine look into this netherworld of sleep. On the other hand, your dream self could think that your ‘real world’ self is just a bunch of mental fancies as well. All I’m saying is that your dream self has some boring memories. Hey honey, I had the weirdest dream last night…I was entering numbers into spreadsheets for eight hours…I wonder what that means?

So what are your dreams? Are they really your other half living out it’s life simultaneously? Is that why our world is so left-brained? Are there really reptilians? Well, you will never know if you disregard your ‘night life’ as pointless mental memory movies…

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