What can i do?


Awakening Virus


Let the fear flow through you and remain infinitely steadfast

As you turn to face your shadow and the silhouettes of the rest.

The truth of a matter will reveal itself for those who wish to know

Though it will meet with scorn and defiance before it starts to grow.

Courage is when you raise your head high above the crowd

At risk of the guillotine; when others won’t stand proud.

Some prime forms of rebellion are to laugh, dance, and sing

And to sit in the silence of One and everything.

If you look beyond the fear, you’ll find the key to your solution

An answer comes when we unite together in a freedom revolution

‘Cause Infinite Love is the only Truth, everything else is illusion.


  1. Cool!

    - ginger (Dec 4, 2006)

  2. Nice poem, I was wondering why you didn’t make a shout-out to the enneagram or any reptilians/conspiracy-theorists . . .hahaha I am only kidding. Though it makes me a little depressed because I do not have “Infinite Love”. I had it once, but a last I loved too much and eventually smothered her until the only way she could breath was by clawing her way out . . . Reece where are you?

    - Dantonio (Dec 6, 2006)

  3. nice one dan. i amsure when she sleeps she dreams of the days you would violate her in your bedroom after you got home from night class. russ this was not what i was hoping from you. i want your ideas not V’s.

    - Andrew (Dec 7, 2006)

  4. Andrew,
    Remember, remember eleventh of September
    The frenzied grabbing for gas.
    If we started acting instead of reacting
    The tyranny would pass.

    I was not saying to just copy ‘V’
    To blow up a building and march in the streets.

    Behind these acts is what I’m referring
    The quiet call for freedom that’s stirring.

    There are many roads to reach a goal
    To cover them all would be a toll.

    It’s up to you to know what to do
    The way to take power back from the few.

    Hip hip hoorah!

    - Russ (Dec 12, 2006)

  5. Nice poem Russ, although from talking to you I never would have guessed you believe love exists. Get back to work or I’m calling your boss. KMITF

    - Mike (Jan 16, 2007)

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