Winter's second intro

I realized after I wrote my first post that it may’ve come across a little grandiose. It seemed like I’m going to attempt to traverse the depths of the universe and soar the blue skies with this log thing. The search for Ultimate Truth is an obvious important issue at hand, but I’ve come to the conclusion that my mental tinkerings fare best when focusing on more mundane truths. I will still explore the topic of the nature of the ‘Real,’ but I will also offer up my ideas and theories on many other topics. Enough introduction? I think so too.

When I started this particular post, I had nothing in mind to write. If I cared whether anyone reads this or not should be disclosed by the fact that I’m still writing this. Okay, okay, I’m sure I care at some level, so sorry if I babble or bore you. I want to write a poem about winter, but right now is not the time. It’s not going to be about ‘winter’ really, and I hope it doesn’t turn out to be too abstract. I was thinking recently that perhaps my tendency towards abstraction is a way to hide from anyone else who tries to figure out what I’m actually saying. I do like the fact that writing abstract poetry lets the reader interpret the poem in their own way. It helps to make the poem connect individually and personally to every reader, since the reader projects his/her own feelings and thoughts onto it. On the other hand, abstract poems can be a jarbled mess to everyone else except the author. I guess it doesn’t matter either way, the point is to write from the heart, I suppose, and not get too heady…whatever that means.

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