I believe I’ve mentioned 9/11 in previous posts and hinted at its importance. And I don’t bring it up as a way to scare you to give up your rights. That’s what the controlled media does for you. Just watch the news and very quickly you will hear word about how we’re living in a post-9/11 world. It’s true we are in a sense…but not in the way they want you to perceive it. The way I’m referring to our post-9/11 society is that people are beginning to ‘wake up’ and are fed up with being constantly lied to. So it is time that I fully open up a can of worms on this blog and delve into the 9/11 big lie. 9/11 was an inside job…it was carried out mainly by criminal aspects of our government in order to produce ever-expanding global tyranny. And before your ego defenses start to creep up and cloud you mind, allow yourself to be open with this information. All I’m asking you to do at this time is research the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 (or the Salomon Brothers buiding).

Three WTC buildings fell on 9/11: Buildings 1 & 2, a.k.a. the North and South towers, and also Building 7, which fell at around 5:20pm on September 11, 2001. I must preface this with the fact that no steel buildings have fallen before or since 9/11 due to fire. WTC 7 was not hit by a plane. It was further away from the towers than WTC 5 & 6, which did not collapse on that day. There were a few small fires, but fires alone don’t burn hot enough to melt steel. Just compare the max temperature of jet fuel fires and the melting point of construction steel. They’re not very close in temp.

WTC building 7 fell in under seven seconds. Watch it fall here. What do you think? It’s a 47-story STEEL-framed building. The tallest building in Minneapolis is the IDS Center, which stands 57 floors. This skyscraper surpassed Minneapolis’ Foshay Tower in 1972, which was the previous tallest at 30 stories. Between these two heights was the WTC buiding 7, which I will reiterate, used to stand at 47 stories…in other words it was not small. Get it? Can you put your mind around it? Maybe people who work in Minneapolis skyscrapers should think twice about using toasters inside their building because according to the government’s viewpoint, fires can take down a steel structure.

WTC 7 fell in under seven seconds. No plane hit it. It fell basically in its own footprint. Classic demolition style collapse. Ever heard of resistance? Well, there didn’t seem to be any. The steel came down like there was nothing in the way.

So Popular Mechanics magazine, which is owned by yellow journalism’s Hearst Publishing, tried to say that WTC 7 fell due to damage it sustained from the towers’ collapses. That could make some sense if it weren’t from the testimony of police and firefighters going on record saying that they were told Building 7 was going to be brought down. I’ve heard audio clips on the Alex Jones radio show of firefighters telling people as the building was going to come down on 9/11 to get back because they were going to blow it up and that it was going to fall. I doubt they were using psychic abilities at that time to see into the immediate future. Controlled demolition is the logical assumption.

I can keep going if you like. Larry Silverstein owned WTC 7 and gained mega bucks in insurance for this building’s collapse. He went on TV in a PBS special about the attacks, saying that they decided to pull it and they watched the building go down. They use the term ‘pull’ to refer to demolishing buildings in the demo industry. Wanna argue that one and try to say he didn’t mean pull the building? There were no more firefighters in the building for hours proceeding WTC 7’s collapse. Oh and WTC 7 contained documents on the Enron scandal and housed the largest CIA station in the U.S. outside of Washington D.C. A little fishy don’t you think?

Well, if you’re still in doubt, try to justify this one in your mind…on 9/11, the BBC reported live thirty minutes before WTC 7s actual collapse that the building had already collapsed. How did they know it was going to fall before it really did and who told them that? Can the BBC see into the future too? Or did they mess up their script? This revelation has just surfaced this week when the BBC released archived footage from 9/11. Could this info be the last straw that breaks your ego defense’s back? Check out the BBC screw up here.

I could keep going, but I think it’s enough for now. You may need to sit with this info for a while. So what is the importance of WTC 7? It is a huge smoking gun. It is one of the best examples to put forth that can explode the 9/11 big lie and expose the truth. The reason is because the government and other ‘authorities’ continue to lie and to cover-up the fact that this WTC 7 collapse was an obvious demolition. WTC 7 also points to more than a 9/11 cover-up due to the fact that it takes weeks to coordinate a demolition of this sort and there is no way it could’ve been arranged the day of the attacks. Could charges have been set in advance by Islamic terrorists with boxcutters? Please. In the very least the Building 7 revelation can be used as a strong means for the public to push for a truly independent investigation into the events of 9/11.

The cat is out of the bag. The dam is breaking. The truth will prevail. Those involved in the 9/11 attacks will have to face justice. The film “Loose Change: Final Cut” will be coming out this year. If ya don’t know; now ya know. I think this movie release will change the perception of the 9/11 movement for the mainstream media. They will turn more from joking about tin-foil hats and ridiculing 9/11 truthers to saying that we should lock them up in concentration camps and force them to work…wait, there have been Neo-cons in the media saying that already.

Inform yourself. Empower yourself. The matrix has you…..but remember that the truth is out there (and IN you).


  1. Russ, you have presented this material better than any posting before. I like it. I am very interested to see where this country is headed in the next 50 to 100 years with the ballooning trade deficit, the continuing enlargement of the gap between the rich and poor, our soaring deficit, the fact that the dollar continues to decline in value. Man after listing all those bad things i might as well move to Canada eehh.

    - Andrew (Mar 2, 2007)

  2. A few things I would like to comment on

    1. Jet fuel burns at about 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit and steel looses its structural integrity at 1,004 degrees Fahrenheit. I feel we need to compare the max temperatures of jet fuel fires v.s the “critical temperature” of steel. Thus I would agree with the statement that fires could take down a steel structure.
    2. I would also disagree that controlled demolition is a “logical” assumption. As far as we know, only portions of the firefighter’s audio clips were played on the air. Keep in mind there was a lot of chaos happing around this time, they could be directing people away from that general area, I remember the attacks and there was a giant exodus from all of lower Manhattan at that time.
    3. As a licensed insurance agent I can tell you that “acts of terrorism” and “acts of war” are not covered by a standard Commercial Property Policy. The insurance companies paid claims because it was a moral and compassionate thing to do after they realized how devastating the attacks where. The owner could have no idea that the insurance company was going to pay, infact if he read his policy he could make the assumption that the insurance company wouldn’t pay.
    4. I am guessing that the BBC news cast was a live event, and it is possible for reports to get things wrong. Granted the building is standing in the background behind the reporter as she tells us that it has already collapsed. There are a lot of buildings in New York someone along the communication line could have mixed it up with another one. Or perhaps the firefighters, safety crews and municipal works saw the damage that was done to the building, as a result of the attacks, communicated it to the public and media to keep people out of harms way and somehow the BBC made an error.

    Now I realize that if you are still reading at this point you are thinking “I don’t have an open mind.” Well let me say this, maybe you don’t have an open mind. Perhaps you have already developed a mindset and no matter what arguments are present you will choose the one that fits yours. Your points are interesting and compelling. This mystery is comparable to who killed JFK. Regardless I can’t believe you made this an assignment.

    - Dantonio (Apr 2, 2007)

  3. I appreciate your comments, guys.

    Dantonio, after reading your reply I’m definitely not thinking you’re being closed minded. I actually think it’s impressive that you go and check out what I’m saying to form your own opinion. I think that people must be discerning, whether you’re watching CNN or roaming the internet or reading my posts. Some people come up with a simplistic rationalization in order to write off any info that doesn’t fit their mainline ‘education’ while simultaneously criticizing those that actually look deeper into the matter at hand. What I don’t understand is why a person would write off something as sinister as criminals in our government murdering our citizens and then posing as our saviors if there is even a glimmer of truth in it.

    I implore you to look further into the information on 9/11 as long as you can trust what I say enough to realize that it’s important to explore the territory no matter what your final analysis becomes.

    Stay tuned for a sequal to this WTC 7 post…..

    - Russ (Apr 8, 2007)

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