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“Is this real world or exercise?”  This morning at my corporate job, I participated in a company fire drill.  The annoying buzzers and lights started flashing, and we all left of our cubicles and filed out into the parking lot.  As I stood out there on the pavement in the cool autumn breeze, a thought occurred to me: wouldn’t it be strange if we had an actual fire at the same time as the scheduled fire drill?  What would be the chances of that?  My fellows employees and I would assume we were heading outside to practice for a real fire, while at that very same moment, there would really be a raging fire somewhere in the building.  Even if we had a fire drill once a month, would there be a chance that a large fire would break out on that same day?  Keeping fingers crossed, there’s a good chance that a big fire will never occur in this building throughtout the many years of its existence.  I’m not a betting man, but I doubt that if this building did have one big fire in its existence that it wouldn’t fall on a day we happened to have a fire drill.

Coincidence can be a strange thing.  Did you know that on the morning of September 11th, 2001, the Pentagon was running five separate military drills where two of the drills were targeting the exact targets at the exact times the actual terrorist attacks took place?  And what about the London bombings on July 7th?  Were you aware that a ‘crisis management advice company’ was running an exercise that day in which the London Underground was being bombed at the exact same locations and times as the bombs occurred in real life?  The Oklahoma City bombing fits the same scenario of drills taking place in tandem with actual terrorist events.  Just a coincidence?…Sometimes it’s necessary to determine whether an event is truly an accident or whether the coincidence is actually the consequence of a pre-planned action.

Do you think I’m pulling your leg with this information?  Or do you think I’m an idiot, wrapped up tight in a bunch of conspiracy theories?  If you don’t believe me, do some checking yourself.  If you don’t care, then that’s a different story.  If you do this research on your own and come to the same conclusion, will you chalk it up as just mere coincidence?

I guessing that there’s a chance that you may have heard nothing about these simultaneous drills going on during the actual attacks.  You should ask yourself why.  Do you not watch enough news or read enough of the newspaper every day?  Are stories like these buried in the back section of your paper in a tiny article or are they reported by mainstream news at all?  Maybe you did hear about the drills and forgot about it because it didn’t seem important at the time.  I don’t know.

I’ll admit it…in a certain sense, I’m a complete idiot.  Chances are in some way, you are too.  It’s not that we are stupid intellectually, we have been handed a way to view the world without us realizing the limits of our knowledge and perception.

About a month ago, I was sitting around the dinner table with my girlfriend’s daughters, and I was trying to explain where certain foods come from.  I started to say that the ‘Chinese food’ that we’d eaten recently had originated out of the country of ‘China’.  If I remember correctly, I think we were eating spaghetti and I was going to tell them about this country in ‘Europe’ called ‘Italy’.  Before I even got to that part, though, I realized that they didn’t even know what this ‘China’ concept is.  I dropped my explanation and decided to talk about more comprehensible ideas like milk coming from cows.  In a way this experience opened my eyes a little bit more.  It illustrates the jist of this post beautifully.  My girlfriend’s daughters are both very bright.  They learn quickly and understand things very well.  Their potential seems limitless to me.  At the same time, children have not had the chance to gather very many life experiences due to their young age, and they lack much of the mental data that we collect by the time we reach adulthood.  What I’m trying to get at here is that a child may be inherently intelligent, but if that child is fed a load of crap or has important information about the world around them withheld, you end up with an inherently intelligent idiot.  That individual would ‘know’ a bunch of nonsense.  In reference to my particular example here, I could’ve told my girlfriend’s daughters that ‘China’ is a city at the bottom of the ocean covered by a glass dome.  If they trusted my authority and believed what I said, then ‘China’ would indeed become an ocean city and not a country in Asia, at least to them.  This belief wouldn’t make them any less intelligent, only very misinformed.  If their teachers, fellow citizens, and media all told them the same thing, then in their mind this ‘fact’ becomes solidified.

Information is power.  As an adult role model, I have a certain influence over the minds of those children in my life.  I have the choice to be as truthful as I can (considering my own conditioning) or to be deceitful.  I could’ve made up anything about ‘China’ and they likely would’ve believed me, until my ‘facts’ were contradicted by others.  And what if the others didn’t know any better and lied along with me?  Just look at certain cults and Neo-Nazis and what the children are taught in those groups.  Those children aren’t stupid, they have just been lied to and don’t know any alternative views.

Now that I’ve described how there is the potential for children to be mis- or disinformed, let’s take it a step further.  People can be lied to over generations through the establishment of norms and the disinterest in examining those norms.  Take our money system for example.  Most people today grow up knowing very little about how our monetary system even works.  They know that they work and get dollars as compensation, and they pay taxes and interest on loans.  They here about the national deficit and wonder what that really means.  If these same people would’ve grown up around the turn of the 20th century they would likely be more aware of the implications of how our monetary structure is set up.  Some people probably would’ve been appalled at a private central bank being allowed to print money out of thin air and charging interest on that loan to the American people.  Well, with each generation that followed since the early 1900s, our money system became more and more ingrained as to ‘how things are’.  People today can hardly even fathom anything alternative because they’ve had generations before them who bought into the same norm. 

I’m not saying that all norms are bad, just that people should critically examine their assumptions.  Our children today are being conditioned to accept larger forms or surveillance and systematic control.  They are being bombarded directly at school and within society in general with all sorts of intrusive systems.  At some schools children are using thumb scans in order to pay for school lunches.  Some schools have kids walk through metal detectors and get searched before entering the school building.  Children have to witness all other sorts of searches, such as at airports and stadiums.  Hand scans are being installed at theme parks.  Elderly people and military personnel are being implanted with microchips.  There’s a national ID in the works for a 2008 implementation.  Private companies share personal information with the government.  Security cameras are almost everywhere now.  All these things are shaping the minds of our youth.  Many adults today are quite apprehensive about the increasing levels of surveillance.  Older individuals have the ability to remember the past when these forms of control did not exist to the extent they do today.  They have the contextual background to question the purpose and benefit of these changes.  What happens when the children of today become numb to these types of personal privacy infringements?  They will be more likely ready to accept something as Orwellian as IMPLANTABLE MICROCHIPS IN EVERY HUMAN BEING.  They could grow up thinking, hey, no big deal…some people have had the implants, why not everyone?

Do you think 50 years ago people would have accepted taking an implantable microchip?  No, probably not.

Let me sum this up for you here quickly.  Not all norms and conventions are bad.  Not all new technology is bad.  Not everything you hear on the news in a lie.  Just look at the internet.  No matter what the orginal intent of the world wide web, the internet has done much to give a voice to the people.  If 911 would’ve happened ten fifteen years ago, you wouldn’t even have heard about the theory of controlled demolition, much less learn any other info about the idea.  Would your local library have any relevant info for you.  Not likely.  The internet has done well to bring a free space to discuss ideas.  Keep in mind that there can be a lot of crap and lies and smut on the internet too.  At least the internet gives more of an option to be informed.  NO MATTER WHAT YOU STILL HAVE TO SIFT THROUGH ALL THE DIRT AND FIND THE TRUTH FOR YOURSELF.  Make up your own damn mind.  Decipher and analyze your assumptions.  Ask yourself is this what I want out of life?  If you don’t change the norms now, your children will accept them more solidly and their children will even more…and down the line.  It only stops when a generation wakes up and asks questions.  No matter how mind controlled and conditioned and lazy we’ve become, it’s up to us to realize what’s true, just, and beautiful and begin to live those ideals.

A certain aspect of our children is key to my whole premise.  Children are curious, they ask questions, they dream, they are open to possibility, and they want to know ‘why?’.  This is a strong and vital characteristic.  As in my example earlier, children may ask to know about this thing called China.  Whether or not the information they are given is correct, the act of being curious is something that should never be forgotten or destroyed.  Even if children are lied to and their innocence is abused, as long as they retain their curiousity and pursue the truth, the lies will never take root.  Children are vulnerable to misinformation because of their limited life experience, not due to their curious nature.  As adults we gather life experiences and information as a way ascertain certain truths, but we tend to lose the childlike nature that is necessary to defend ourselves from false assumptions.  This is to say that not everything we learn growing up is wrong and thus gathering information can indeed protect us from lies as well, but only through this ability to be open to all possibilities can we truly be in a position to find what’s real.  As it says in the Bible in Luke 18:17, ‘I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it’.

So don’t be afraid to ask questions.  I’m not sure to what extent the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984 is actually happening today, but keep in mind that in today’s computer age, factual records can be erased with the touch of a button.  It’s probably a mix of erasing/changing history mixed with the establishment of widespread apathy and blind obediance, which has the effect of blocking important facts from the consciousness of the people…it’s not that it gets erased literally, it just gets downplayed in relevance and shoved under the rug.  All I’m saying is WAKE UP!!!  And always remember that real Truth lies within you.  Facts and information about the world is something to be searched for and collected, but the Truth of Reality comes from the depths of your soul (Hold dear the paradox that you know nothing and everything simultaneously).  You can’t search for the Truth and the act of pursuing pushes it away.  You simply have to remember and realize WHO YOU ARE. 


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