Becoming Doctoral at Colloquia

The goals of this interactive flash piece are twofold: first to explain to PhD learners what to expect when attending a Colloquia, and second, to push them to attend each of the three Colloquia at the right time in their program. We decided that the best way to do this was through photographs from past Colloquia, quotes from learners who’ve attended, and a narrator explaining key pieces of information. Lucky for us, our events team had just finished holding a Colloquium in Dallas where they had taken over a thousand photographs.

After figuring out what information to include and working on the storyboard, I began designing the user interface and several of the keyframes. During this time we also worked with the events team to write out the script, and I attended the recording at our in-house studio. With the design and audio ready I built out the interface and one of the tracks, and then worked with one other designer to build out the remaining tracks.

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