BusTales.com is a result of spending countless hours riding the bus. Over the last 3 years I’ve seen and heard some pretty weird things, some funny, some smelly, some scary. Nine times out of ten, if I share one of these stories with a friend or coworker, they’ll have two more to tell me. You can easily lose 15 minutes trading good bus stories, or bus tales as I like to call them.

So when I had a bit of a break from freelance over the last couple weeks, I started thinking about actually creating a site. See I always have these ideas, but rarely do I have the motivation/time to see them through. Well I decided to buckle down and do it this time.

In the olden days I imagine a lot of thought went into a company/product name. Today (for me at least) it’s as simple as this: find a url that isn’t already taken, oh yeah, and have the name make sense and be memorable, bla bla bla. Well I did some brainstorming, some google searches, and some url checks and settled upon BusTales. It’s pretty simple, plus it reminds me of DuckTales, Wooo ooo.

After purchasing the url I spent an intense three day weekend on the logo and web site mockups (I’ll scan in some concepts soon). Of all the concepts, the bus symbol with a devil’s tail (playing on the other spelling of the word “tale”) stood out as being the most simple and appropriate for the type of stories I had in mind. After some advice from a friend (thanks Rich) I was able to give the tail a second meaning: the road. So there you have it, a devil’s tail and a winding road in perspective all in one. One other benefit of this mark is how it will integrate with the marketing campaign yet to come.

While those three days were strictly creative concepting, the next weekend was all nerdy development. I had already chosen the web site concept to go with, so I spent Saturday and Sunday building out the site and applying it to the wordpress backend. One interesting challenge was setting up the categories system to accomodate the bus number. With a bit of modification and tricky CSS the post headings and links will change color and pull in a different background image depending on the line.

Now is the fun part of maintaining and promoting, and finding out if this thing is going to live or not. Whatever happens, I’m very excited with how it turned out, and even more so that it turned out.


  1. hey rett,

    i thought it was a pretty good idea and a nice site. i also think that if you haven’t put a TOS on it, declaring any uploaded/logged stories your intellectual property, you should. Also I think you should create a Facebook or Myspace group (actually don’t know if myspace has groups, don’t really use it) dedicated to it, and see what happens then too.

    - mark sier (Mar 26, 2007)

  2. dammit rett, i really wish you would change this so i can edit my comments when they’re stupid, or when i went ahead and commented without checking my facts, instead of having to leave another comment. That way i wouldn’t have to learn to check my facts before commenting. I see you already have the agreement granting you the rights to republish, etc. nevermind :).

    - mark sier (Mar 26, 2007)

  3. Hi,
    I just wanted to tell you that I love your site! The only thing bad is that the link to subscribe to bustales.com does not work. Thanks!

    - Meg (Apr 6, 2007)

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