CDF Web Solutions

CDF Web Solutions recently underwent a name change and as a result needed a new logo and web site. The goals for the logo were to be professional, sophisticated, and modern, without coming across as trendy. While many iconic logo options were explored, we eventually settled on the typographic treatment seen above. What began as a simple line drawn from the “c” to the “f” evolved into the connection of the three letters, which stand for content, design, and functionality. This represents CDF’s position as a consulting firm that does more than just web design/development.

After the logo was finalized, I began exploring color and layout options for the web site. CDF envisioned a web 2.0 style site, minus some of the trendier design elements (bubbly logo and huge buttons). To meet this balance I introduced a diagonal line pattern in the background, a slight drop shadow on the container, and a large call-out/summary area for each page. Imagery was purchased and altered to fit within the color scheme. After several iterations, I passed off the PhotoShop files to CDF. The final site is built with web standards.

View the CDF Web Solutions web site

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