Refer a Friend

Capella gains the most credibility when you hear about it from a friend. That’s why our marketing department wanted to create a “Refer a Friend” tool to give learners an easy way to spread the word. The process begins with a brief form for the referrer to fill out, including a field for a personal message. The referee is then sent an email from Capella University on behalf of the referrer. From there the referee is pushed to a landing page with three learner videos and given links to call or request more information.

When designing the various pieces of this campaign, I tried to make it as simple and obvious as possible. The form breaks up the information into three brief steps, there is a large button in the email, and the landing page has three big thumbnails. The text in each piece acts as supporting information. The email is built with tables for layout and inline styles, and the form and landing page are built with XHTML and CSS. Andrew Gruhn built the flash piece, which delivers different flash videos depending on the connection speed. For those on dial-up there is an audio-only version.

View the learner videos landing page

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