Wedding Invitations

Rebekah and I got married outdoors at Xanadu Island in Battle Lake, MN. My wife and I invited our close friends and family to stay on the island with us for the entire weekend, and just hang out. It was sort of a mixture between an elegant wedding and a weekend camping. I wanted the invitations to match this. That meant a balance between a straightforward design that most guests would understand and appreciate (the tree analogy) and a more formal look (the style of the illustration and the typography).

Next to designing something that my wife and I both liked, the biggest challenge was figuring out how and where to get everything printed. I originally thought I’d just go the cheap route so I investigated kinko’s and insty prints. I was surprised at how much it would cost, and how little customization they offered. Then I heard about a local printer who runs a bunch of old printing presses including a letterpress. I went and talked to him and not only could he mix any color and cut them to any size, he quoted me a good price. It was a great experience and the invitations turned out perfect. The final invitations consisted of three cards (the illustration, the invitation/directions on the reverse, and a self stamped RSVP card) and one outer envelope with a return address sticker.

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  1. Those trees are awesome!

    - alazanto (Dec 1, 2005)

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