I currently work at Clockwork as an Interactive Art Director. I went to school for graphic design, but ended up getting sucked into the world wide web during my second to last year. I’m one of the fortunate ones who began coding with web standards, that’s right tables are like a foreign language to me, CSS being my native tongue.

I also have had quite a bit of experience over the last two years conducting usability studies on a ton of different pieces (everything from paper prototypes and card sorting to full web sites and interactive simulations).

Pictured on the left are
a few of my favorite things
(in no particular order):

  • That’s Dugan the basset hound on the top. He’s kind of a pain, but we love the guy.
  • In the middle is my Honda Hawk CB400T. I just finally got it running (by me I mean A-1 Cycle) and it’s great, a sweet 80’s ride.
  • Then there is my wife Rebekah at the bottom. She’s amazing.

Other things that I like, that aren’t pictured on the right are fanny packs, mustaches (and beards), camping, homebrewed beer, faesthetic, old houses, and weeding.