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Notes from Russ

It’s been real and it’s been fun…Thank you for reading my “notes” and make sure you check out this final post. I wish you all well.


Photoshop wishes

I’ve been spending even more time in PhotoShop since the job switch and there are two features I thought of today that would really be helpful: (more…)

22 button promo

I’m running a promotion on where you get a free button if you submit a tale. The offer is good until I run out of buttons (I ordered a bunch back when I set up my cafepress page) so if you have a story, now is the time to submit it!


Change is in the wind

I started a new job on Monday as an interactive art director at Clockwork. It was definitely tough to leave Capella, but I’m really excited about the new digs. It’s a great work environment, located in a converted warehouse in northeast Minneapolis, and the team is awesome. (more…)


The quest for a road bike

My friend Caleb is back in town for the summer and on Saturday we decided to hit up a bunch of yard sales in the Seward neighborhood. He was on a quest for a road bike and I was just hoping to find some sort of hidden gem. We stopped first at a place where he had been the day before to look at one bike. It was a bit too small but Caleb decided to take it for a test drive anyway. Caleb joked to the guy that he would leave me as collateral and the guy without smiling said (more…)


Job's I've had: WalMart

After working at Hardee’s for about a year and a half, I remember having a very serious conversation with my parents about wanting to quit. They were supportive, but told me that I couldn’t just stop going, I’d have to write a resignation letter and put in two weeks. I spent a considerable amount of time writing my first resignation letter and remember being quite diplomatic. (more…)

5 Update

If you’re not into web nerdery or lengthy posts than stop reading here. With I’ve been learning as I go along. First learning: adsense does not pay very well. Obviously this is just my take and I’m sure for some it’s quite profitable, but to date I’ve made $34.71 (in a little over a month). (more…)